Help me (STEAM)



Hey everyone! I am picking up sf4 again after not playing since vanilla. I thought this time around I could pick up the ninja Ibuki! I’m on steam and any help you all would like to give me would be greatly appreciated. I use to play Guy alot, but i thought i might try something new.

Steam name is NSC745, aka Lightning. thanks guys!

PS: Pretty new the game since i haven’t played in ages.


Ok so after some training I can finally do cr. lp st. Lp mk xx kicks. I can never seem to follow up tho with another lp mk. I see people do it tho in vids. Any help? I’m practicing on Ken if that makes a difference.


It’s a 1 frame link, you’re gonna have to practice. Try plinking or using audio cues and just grind it out in training mode. And are you using the light kicks? The loops with medium are much harder and only work on certain characters.


I’m doing cr. lp cr. lp st. lp st. mk xx lk kicks. I can never get the st. lp st. mk to connect afterwards. I will trying plinking it out more. To get the st. lp > i havce to double tap the mk… Like i said i haven’t played in years. lol. Thanks for the info on the frames.


ok so this obviously isn’t the best combo to do online. Any ideas on what a good online bnb would be? Those 1 frame links and online are not friends. Right now i still doing cr.lp cr.lp st.lp xx kicks. What should i follow the kicks with? or from there should i just reset? I was thinking i could do neckbreaker for the knockdown and just try the kunai loop. I’m trying not to learn the loop though since ultra kinda ruins that.


The kunai loop still works in Ultra. Ibuki can adjust for delayed wakeup and she’s the only one who can. For online, TC4xxNeckbreacker, TC4xxmkicks, or cr.lp st.lp st.lp st.mkxxxneckbreaker are the most reliable.


Thank you!


Ok here is a thing I’ve noticed. I get taken out a lot by low sweeps. My friend enjoys cammy. I’ll do the normal combo I mentioned early and if it’s on block she will sweep me after the kicks. I can guard it but I’ve been trying to link. What’s a good choice to beat the sweep after that block string?


There’s not really a good way to, you just have to either continue the combo, or pick your timing better since it’s negative on block and unsafe.


Ok did some searching and I can’t find a way to beat Makoto. My friend plays her and he beats my ass something fierce. I just can’t break out of his block strings once he starts, and i’m so confused. I’ve tried everything i can think of. What is the opportune time to strike her? And what do i want to use?


Look up which moves are punishable on block, like the overhead chop and a whiffed grab. It’s about spacing and patience


Ok should I bind select to my stick so I can plink the 1 frame jab? Is it really that helpful? I’m using a madcatz tourney stick if that makes a difference.


Figured out if I hold db and do cr. mp I can just flick the stick forward to buffer the neck breaker. That helps a lot.


Speaking of neck breaker which one do I want to combo into? I’ve been doing fierce. Does it matter?


Not really, any neckbreaker will do

I’ve been trying to play slower and take my time now. I know i let him punch me in the face a couple times. What could I do better? I know there is alot.


I will look for you on steam


cool i’ll look for the friend request


What is the ground juggle i see people to to anti air when they hit dash and hit like 3 times?


never found your name on steam lol