Help me stop corpse hoppers!



I play on Live, so no roll cancel is available. Mostly use Gief in N groove for the run and safe-fall, and it helps my rush-down team. Also JD/Parry is extremely difficult in the lag-infested arena known as Xbox Live…

What always seems to happen is everybody else starts jumping at me. When I’m down, they jump straight up over my corpse and I can’t seem to do anything about it. PPP works sometimes but I lose the trade quite often.

Also, I can never seem to get the AA super to come out at the right time, and forget sneaking a level three since I have to break stock to use it and normally I would need it on reaction.

I am using a gamepad - standing SPD is no problem but forget a 720 without buffering from a jump or roll, just can’t do the motion with my thumb fast enough.

So I need the welfare-aa. What do I do when they are already on top of me and there is no time to rip out the super or I don’t have one?



try the KKK move instead of the PPP move…i think, not sure though, that the KKK one comes out faster and doens’t last as long…

also, since ur N groove, and if you have stock, do a 720 super on wake up if they keep corpse jumping (i’m assuming you mean they try to cross you up while ur getting up from knock down?)

i dunno about the AA super, it should be easy to do…

i just have one question…if you can’t do zangief’s super, and you can’t anti air people…

is all you do is fierce and jump in and buffer 360 or roll and 360?


Maybe I should clarify

I can do his aa super but perhaps I haven’t mastered the timing yet. If someone walks up to me then jumps straight up while I am recovering, can I do that as a wakeup and hit them?

The only way I can 720 on my shitty gamepad is by buffering through a roll or jump, probably an empty jump.

My game is a combination of pokes, splashes, Lariats, and 360’s (mostly Kick 360’s) If I can get them down I can do a rushdown series of 360’s that really pisses people off.

wakeup 720’s never seem to work because everyone I face won’t stay on the ground long enough to get hit by it. They know the timing on the wakeup and make sure they are directly above me and not on the ground when I do. That’s why I am looking for some effective welfare AA I can use. Right now I do PPP lariat, but maybe I’m not doing it from a crouch or something because there are way to many moves that seem to beat it outright without trading.

Somebody like Sagat has s.FK, S.FP, and c.FP which all do well against jumpins when there isn’t time for a move - what does this well for Zangief?



well i’m sorry i can’t help you

i used to play zangief a lot, but when i started playing against good competitors, i found out a lot of zangiefs move are easy to avoid

his 360 kick can be easily poked out of…jumpin around actually helps avoid grab moves

well mixed rush downs and jumping competely neutralizes zangief…at least against my zangief

but maybe it’s just me, cuz i play k groove zangief, so whenever i have supers ready, they stop jumping and run away until my bar is gone and continue beating me up…

zangief is incredibly strong, but also then you gotta work with his disadvantages…

as for the AA super…i’m not sure how good his lvl 1’s are since i only get lvl 3 supers…

sorry…i wish you luck if you want to continue working on zangief


Well, based on some of the threads I have been practicing K groove (i’ve never used it before) Zangief in training mode. I’ve pretty much got it to the point that I can JD -> SPD about 60% of the time. It’s some very tight timing if the opponent hits you deep enough.

I tried the same thing with P and it turned out much worse - seems that parrying a jump-in causes a change in the timing, and I could only get maybe 10% success which was surprising. I always thought P would help more but not for a SPD combo apparently (unless I’m doing something wrong.)

The one good thing is if I move to K it will stop the corpse-hopping. Nobody will want to jump straight up over me now if they find out an SPD is almost guaranteed when they land. I do lose my roll but I hate depending on it anyway…

Any other Zangief players have some advice? What’s the best AA move that isn’t a super or a PPP lariat?



actually i used to play k groove zangief a lot, sure the jd into 360 is really good, but here’s the downfall

1:jd xx 360 stopped working for me against good players who hits late or something i’m not sure how they figured out how to avoid it
2:when i’m raged, people learned to stay the hell away, cuz one super usually means i win, so they wait till i lose my bar
3:i can’t empty jump into 720 cuz they always poke me out out of it
4:they stop jumping when i’m raged so AA super never works

from what i heard, his AA that isn’t his super or lariats are s. jab or s.rH…which aren’t very effective at times

i think what you’re gonna have to do is press s.fierce a lot at a distance to keep them from jumping up, but watch out people learn fast and find ways to avoid ur fierce and ur 360 moves


Umm… isnt his best Anti air normal This is what I use and its much much more effective than st or cr.hp.

This doesnt work for crossup distance though, but Im pretty sure a non-roll cancelled PPP or KKK can at least trade. Not sure about this though, I only play at the arcade where RCd PPP works.

Oh yeah, lvl1 AA super is completely ineffective, it gets stuffed by pretty much every jumping attack.


Ahh -

That’s what I was looking for. I have an Xbox controller Type-S and mp isn’t normally mapped to a convenient button. I will get that button back on the board so I can try it




I understand

I play Zangeif alot lately and he is a good charector but mostly against medium level players. Players that always chain their combos without gaps, and players that have good reaction completely murder Zangeif. He can be kept away with pokes and guard broken quite easily and being slow doesnt help either. But i do have a bit of advice for you. I used to have big trouble with “corpse hoppers” as you have most notibly have dubbed them and they are quite noobish but quite difficult to stop. espcially when used with charectors that have amazing angles like terry, rock, blanka, etc. Their roundhouses are perfect for this gay but effective strategy. The only advice i could give you is to either learn to roll cancel a spinning larriot but since your not in a rolling groove. try to use a crouching medium punch. Its that uppercut looking punch. I dont know if you will win but at least you will trade with your opponent on this one. It should come right up from under them and hit them or trade with them if my memory serves me correctly. Actually a standing roundhouse might work too. Sorry if i mentioned something that was talked about already. Please let me know if this info helped at all. Peace