Help me to defeat a really good Makoto

Help me defeat a really good Makoto

I’m having big troubles fighting this match up… well, only one guy can beat me using Makoto, but he is really good with her (I can beat his Makoto with Urien, Hugo and Yun, but I want win using Ibuki)

One of the big problems I have is when I try a cross-up, he can simply dash under my jump and usually I end up in a Karakusa.
I tried no to jump, but then he rush the hell of me, and poke me to death mixing up his normal and Karakusa (Damn Kara-Karakusa!). If he is charged and connect a hayate, I know i’m gonna eat the Seichusen (and we all know the damage it deals to ibuki).
One point I’ve learnt: Never atack Makoto with Ibuki’s Hien :frowning:

I really need any strats, and what pokes Ibuki can use to beat Makoto’s ones…

Thanx in advance

PS: Excuse any error in my english