Help me track down this image


Anybody know where this is from

. You’d assume Florida gators but I can’t find anything about it and it’s driving me crazy. There’s a little symbol on the sweatshirt next to the word “Dude” that might be a hint.


Bugs take care of this.


You already have the image. Do you mean the shirt?


No I mean, where is this image from. Somebody got me this shirt as a joke once, and I changed my gamertag to it, but I have no idea what it’s from. Just curious.


I’m speculating here but I would imagine some tourist gift shop in Florida. I’m from Florida and I see shirts like these all the time in shops by the beach, I don’t think it means or represents anything (ex: the Florida Gators university football team).


I’d guess your friend got it at a thrift shop. That has not- copy written, generic 90’s written all over it. Kind of thing you’d find at a flea market back then.


I’m inclined to agree with you on this one, but that faded white symbol looks like it could mean something. Seems to be a crown in a triangle.


Does the shirt have a tag?

(I don’t care if I’m being trolled, by the way.)


Crown in triangle? Burn it. That’s a demonic Illuminati symbol. :coffee:

Or possibly just Jehovah’s Witnesses. :rofl:



Haha, i’m not trolling, there’s a huge portion of the FGC in florida thought they might know. The tag is cut off unfortunately.


The little logo might be something the “artist” uses as his signature.


I think you’re write, it’s some weird tourist knock off from Florida. I can live with that. Thanks for the help!


My Google Fu found this -

If you can figure what that logo says it might lead you to who makes these “Gator dude” t-shirts

and also this…


Haha awesome, thanks man.


On that site I managed to find something that looked like the same style as my shirt. Apparently the company is called “Tee’s Unlimited”