Help me understand frames

Im sorta new and dont get the “+” and “-” aspect of frame data, can someone explain to me.

If there is a thread for this already posting the link would be helpful.

well all it really means is, after the opponent blocks your attack, how many frames are you left open? If it’s a +, that means you have a frame advantage…that is, you recovered from the attack x frames before they got out of block stun. If something is +frames on block, then it is obviously impossible for the opponent to counterattack you once they have blocked that attack.

But, say a move has a -5 on block. This means you are vulnerable for 5 frames after the opponent comes out of block stun. So, they will need to do some sequence of actions (whether it’s an attack from that spot, or a run up attack/throw) that takes less than 5 frames.

This should be helpful:

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Thank u shadow and emil those were extremely helpful.

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