Help me understand something here

I know this going to get mocked on, but I need to go on a limb here. But I seriously suck SF games and some 2ds in general because I’m completely fucking lost. 3Ds I can do perfectly well, I can replicate details, EGWF, MK combos from watching vids, actually do some learning from, but as I said I still get completely fucking lost on 2ds or Street Fighter in general.

I’ve read the fucking guides, I’ve watched some vids, but for the life of me it just escapes me and I still end up clueless. Not even facing better doesn’t ever do a damn thing ever. I don’t if I completely used to 3ds in general, but still. So… hel-hel-help?

street fighter has never been, and probably never will be about combos.

street fighter is about controlling space, and baiting. otherwise known as zoning and footsies. look these up on youtube, theres plenty of tutorials.

both concepts are useful in other 2d games

Not helpful and I’ve already heard that, including the tutorials which falls under “watched the vids”.

Anybody anymore helpful?

It’s kinda hard to give you advice when you’re not specifying exactly what your problem is.

Er, what else is there more to say really? Necro just gave some good tips for what you described, I can’t think of anything else to recommend to be honest.

you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink, i suppose.

those two concepts are really the focus of every sf game. so if they didnt help, then your laziness is in the way

Either keep getting the shit kicked out of you until you understand footsies and baiting, or shut the fuck up. That’s what these games are about. We can’t upload some magic knowledge into your brain.

Not everyone can skateboard. Maybe you can’t Street Fighter.

I don’t know how more helpful you need people here to be…unless you need your hand held through the whole thing.

Play something else then.

“Can someone give me advice that doesn’t involve me doing any work?” lmao

facepalm And this is what I get for asking from a bunch of jaggerts. So I’ll just reform what my problem really is to more understandable.

I don’t want to jump straight in the advanced just yet. Why? I don’t have a comfort zone adjusted to it yet. I’m willing to work, but I want to know where exactly to have a good footing in first. It’s hard to apply footing or tools when ain’t comfortable in a game where one hasn’t adjusted to it’s enviroment completely which is why I keep losing even to casuals because I haven’t adjusted properly.

Now, what I’m asking is how to rework on my fundemental when getting used to 6 buttons again from being used to 4/5 button layouts for starters. Second would be who would be good enough for poking in general without a large pool of combos for tryouts. Third is again, lay off the advanced like footing or zoning until the first two are cleared first.

this is why you’re not getting us: Zoning and footsies are the fundamentals of SF. As has already been said, SF IS NOT ABOUT COMBOS.You’re not listening to the people who are trying to help you (I admit I have not been one of these people) Believe me you’re not the first person on this forum to ask what fundamentals to work on and then not listen when people tell you what they are

You trollin’ brah?
This isn’t what you get for asking a bunch of “jaggerts.” This is what you get for asking astonishingly stupid questions with a bad attitude.

I mean, I don’t even know how to answer what you’re asking.

"How do I understand 2 dimensions?"
With you eyes and brain processing spatial relations.

"How do I get used to 6 buttons?"
You fucking play on it until it’s comfortable. What are you looking for here, man?

Footsies and zoning are the fundamentals.

"But I’m really bad at those! Life’s hard!"
Yeah, we were all bad at them in the beginning.

  1. You acted like a dickhead when asking, and when you got a response you acted like even more of a dickhead. Dont even try to deny it. You can facepalm at us, but know were all doing the same to you.
  2. You’re over thinking it. Just learn zoning and some basic footsies and apply it in match. Dont make it out to be more than it really is. It sounds like you want us to help you in getting over your nervousness or OCD. We cant do that, not unless one of us is a psychologist. Just fucking do it, and stop making excuses.
  3. Zoning isnt advanced. its literally the first in-game thing you should be concerned with. If it isnt the first thing, you will lose, always. Theres also very basic footsie patterns you can learn about on sonic hurricane
  4. Chun li is good with pokes

Fucking entitled brat

When people give you advice you call them jaggerts and blow them off? My god, you don’t deserve help. Go play CoD.

If you want to learn footsies, pick up any character and don’t spend any time learning combos.

I should sticky this and label it “how not to ask for advice.”