Help me understand this game SRK


ive been training for hours on ken’s basic combo just to get beat in endless battles and ranked matches. i dont understand how am i suppose to land the combo. Is ken my main character i dont like missing my links. Ive lost so many matches today and its fustrating. Its like playing a whole new game because the wakeup game in AE is so amazing right after an untechable nockdown i always get uppercuted,headbutted, etc etc, I fall for every gimmick. please someone run sets with me and tell me whats my problems, weaknesses, teach me the combos, The matchups. Help me get back on my feet. The 215 hours i have on this game its like its worthless. :frowning:


rule number one… don’t focus on combos. focus on the fundamentals. don’t rush when you are fighting also. use your strong (mp) SRK as an anti air. make your opponent respect you and block more.


You can’t stay on top of them when you knock down. There’s no more meaty attacks in this game.


Fundementals such as? And i also struggle with the srk motion i use the shortcut df,d,df and it hits and i get too confident from the kockdown and wind getting dragonpunched from my jump in. btw thanks for the reply


SFIV is a setup heavy game, which means that in order to do well at higher levels of play, you need to know which setups you can use against which characters given a certain situation. To put that into perspective, next time you earn a knock-down, instead of blindly jumping in and hoping to not get reversaled, use a known setup against that character. I’m not a Ken player so I can’t really tell you what his setups are so you’ll probably have to search a bit through the Ken forums, or ask your question there.

Here’s a vid I found that shows how to safe jump Ryu:

You can find more stuff like this on YouTube.


Cross people up on wakeup unless it’s Blanka or Dee Jay. If you time it right then if they reversal they will whiff and you can punish. Assume they’re mashing low short or uppercut always. If they mash uppercut bait it and punish it with something easy. For Ken that’s xx uppercut or ultra.


learn zoning, youtube it, theres tutorials. this game is not about combos. dont mash anything either


Your 215 hours are no match for the players who have 10 times that. As you play more you will learn to understand when to the combo at a perfect time.


thanks guys your really big help. I look foward to up my game



This is definetely what you need to watch.


I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I’m not really big on combos but I realized up to this point I haven’t been playing with more of a purpose than just to find a way to win. Certain uses of fundamentals/strategies/tactics I don’t consider why I use them and what is my short term goals of implementing them (ex: Why I am trying to sweep whiffed moves other than do damage?).


good lord that was a good video… seriously.