Help me win a copy of MvC3


Actually I am first requesting permission to do so, as any way for helping me involves posting a link to my Facebook account so you can “like” a Photo of MvC3.

Achieving more than 200 “likes”, will net me a copy of this game.

So, do you allow me to post the link and help me achieve this feat?

I respect a lot this community so I wanted to ask first, If I am denied this request I will abandon this post without further ado.

Thank you for your consideration, I will wait 18 hours to see your feedback. And sorry if this becomes quite the bother too.



/4character minimum.

As I see it.


People make these “help me by watching, clicking, fucking a goat, etc” threads once every other month as long as that’s not the only reason you signed up for SRK it should be fine.


no way jose!


no bueno


This is his first post…Por supuesto que no.