Help me win my first Brawl tourney ~ PLZ?

I wasn’t sure if this really deserved it’s own thread, but didn’t know where else to post it.

So there’s a Brawl tournament at my school on Monday. Five dollars a head for the pot, with what’s supposeably a decent number of people showing up. If this were a tourney for any 2D fighting game, I’d prolly be about 90% confident in winning, since it’ll prolly be nothing but casual players and I’m alot better than anyone else I’ve ever played at school even though I really only play casually as well.

In terms of Brawl though, I’m not so sure. I’ve played a lot of Melee but never seriously and I’ve only gotten to play Brawl once. I don’t know if that’s going to be good enough. I have no way of practicing before Monday, which is kind of the kicker here. I have no way of trying anything out beforehand, so I kinda just have to go in there and do it to it.

So, if anyone could give me:
A) Suggestions on a character that would be good to pick up with little time to learn ~
B) Some really basic but reliable stuff that I can use with said character ~
… it would be warmly appreciated. <3

Right now, I’m probably planning on just going with Link, since I’m probably the most familiar with him from Melee. Next choice would be Samus or Falco. I had some decent success with Ike/MK when I played before but I’m not really confident with either of them right now. : /

get on the wifi, srk will toughen you up right quick

i suggest you pick toon link then

Well. Many people can agree that MK is the easiest to win a scrub match with. Most people you play will not know what the fuck to do against his Tornado and Drill Attack.

So. Let recap.

  1. Meta Knight.
  2. Spam Tornado (Neutral B) and Drill Attack (Forward B) to rack up the damage.
  3. Down smash or any smash to kill.
  4. Repeat and pray someone doesnt know how to deal against it.

A few pointers. Learning Meta Knight is great as he is going to be Top Tier. So he is a solid character. However if your opponent knows how to deal against Tornado and Drill and you have come to rely on them not knowing how to deal with it, you are going to be in trouble. If you dont want MK… well. Ike is a great n00b character, but your fucked if they are not complete retards.

  1. Pick ROB
  2. Roll around
  3. Immediately Mash Down Smash
  4. if they get near you, mash down smash
  5. if they block something, mash down smash
    5.5) if you block something, mash down smash
    5.75) if you dodge something, mash down smash
    5.99) if you clash with something, mash down smash
  6. If they’re far away, charge dradle / spam lasers until they get close so you can mash down smash.

Or follow the guy above me’s advice. Metaknight’s pretty easy to play at low levels and doesn’t take a lot of thought. Well neither do most of the characters in this game but he’s pretty forgiving as far as safety / priority and picking the right attack. ROB will be more forgiving as far as getting easy KOs, not dying as easy, and having a 1 move answer to almost anything as far as ground fighting, as well as having some of the best recovery in the game. Just don’t play snake or dedede, they take too much finesse to just pick up and do well with. As far as I’ve seen, meta rob and pikachu are probably the easiest to just pick up and win with without knowing too much about the game.

Also remember to shield grab everything anyone does. These people will undoubtedly suck if it’s a school tournament and will do unsafe stuff constantly. Make them pay for it. Just guarding and waiting for mistakes will defeat most weak players in almost any fighting game out there.

Use Ike.

I’d actually say go with Toon Link. If you’re familiar with Link, the similar moveset won’t bother you too much.

I agree with this post

Step 1: Pick Marth
Step 2: Spam the living hell out of Fair
Step 3: Kill with Fsmash

Listen to 1 of them.

If you played Melee, pick Marth he’s pretty much the same from Melee with little changes.

Or Snake. Your lack of Brawl skill will be overshaowed by his sheer brokeniness. Just CQC those bitches down AAA ftw. And for a decent edgeguarding, his Nair-AAA KOs like crazy too. And if its too hard to hit the N-air AAA, his side-B (Nikita rocket) tracks, which effectively shuts down a good amount of the cast.

But that’s my opinion.

Alright, awesome. Thanks for the advice everyone.

I’m assuming that most if not all characters should be unlocked on the roster for this, but I have no way of knowing beforehand. I’m hoping so, I mean, it would be kind of shitty otherwise. I’m assuming I’ll be able to just sitback and block alot of crazy shit then throw/punish, but there might be so decent players there. I just have to wait and see I guess.

So from what I’m looking at right now my best choices are probably ~
A) MetaKnight - For abusability of B/fB, overall good safey/priority
B) ToonLink - Similar to Link but is supposeably higher tiered?

I don’t know about going with ROB, because I’ve never played or seen him before, but if there’s casual time before it starts I’ll try out Dsmashing errvrything. xd One of my friend’s is a Marth player so there’s a good chance he’ll either be using him or Pit, so I don’t want to be using Marth when I know they’re someone that’s gonna be better at him than me.

As for Ike, how solid is he overall? His B has super armor, doesn’t it? I only used him in like one match, but I’m pretty sure it looked like he was just taking hits without flinching while charging his B attack, then dropping it at full charge and just hammering bitches.

I’m extremely suprised no one has said wolf…
Just use wolf and press b a lot. Once the person is close just press cstick in the direction the person is. Press down on the c-stick to kill. Down b if they use projectiles. GG

Here’s what I learned from going to a scrubby tourney last week.

  1. Scrubs play as Link, Fox or Falco.
  2. If they’re not playing as Link, Fox or Falco, they’re worth worrying about.

Best character to be able to pick up quick-like and have a marginal degree of success with? Probably Ike. Spam that up tilt. All day.

Just attack when someone is near you. And block when someone hits you. Yeah.

Marth’s range has been decreased in Brawl opposed to Melee but he is still a very good character. I would suggest Toon Link or Wolf.

With Toon Link you can use a combination of attacks with arrows, bombs, and the boomerang in order to provoke them. Those are my thoughts and good luck with the tourney,

Wolf is basically a heavier Fox/Falco right? I played alot of Falco, so he might be a good option too. Plus, he’s fucking Star Wolf and that’s awesome.

Ahh ~
Yeah, Toon Link would probably be good if I feel like camping. I’ll prolly just switch characters as the situation dictates. I don’t think I’ll be forced to stick to one for the duration. Thanks ~

Well, thanks for all the advice, I’ll update tomorrow after it’s over. Hopefull, I’ll do alright. :tup:

If your friend is any good with Marth, might wanna be careful with MK, that’s a hard fight for him.

Melee vets usually agree that Wolf plays alot like Falco did in Melee. Of course that doesnt mean a huge amount, but it will let you get at least a familiar feeling. I use Wolf as my main. And I can say, he is a beast.

Sooooooo this whole ‘tournament’ was just a clusterfuck.

First thing, we only had like 10 or 12 people, some of which just kinda wandered in, cuz it was more or less something being held by the Anime Club. So, alot of fucking weeaboos basically. Out of the entire group, there were like three or four guys that were pretty good.

Shit started out round robin, playing five minutes three stock point matches. After everyone had played everyone, points would be totalled for final rounds. It didn’t even get that far though, cuz after a few matches two bitches just straight up LEFT, after losing their first matches. So we had to make those two into byes. After that some other people had to go to class, some fat smelly weeaboo didn’t want to play anymore cuz there was lag on the monitors.

Yeah, they were the kind of monitors with lag even though you’re right there, which was pretty shitty. It threw me off alot. I’ve never had lag anywhere but online, I didn’t know that even happened but evidently yeah. So basically, noone won and it was a waste of goddamn time.

I went with Meta Knight which turned out to be a mistake because I still can’t get used to multi-jump/floaty characters but tried my best with him anyway. I won my first match perfectly, 3-0. Was abusing Tornado/Drill, throwing and getting clean hits. After that it pretty much went to crap cuz I had to play actual good players though. And I was just totally dead in the water. I couldn’t hit Shuttle Loop cuz I could never figure out what it’s sweet spot was. Was over-shooting everything cuz of lag/inability to tap a control stick lightly. Couldn’t follow up when I launched. It was bad. .________. I almost punched a fat girl in the face cuz she was spamming Ice Climbers swinging hammers attack, and I was never fast enough to counter it.

At least I can say, I was probably top five though. >> There will probably be another one sometime, with non-laggy monitors. By then hopefully, I’ll have some more experience with the game so I won’t suck so bad.