Help me wire my Turbo button to be the Xbox home button in my dual modded TE. PLEASE

So I tried searching for an answer to this but had no luck. I bought a dual modded PS3 TE (with a 4716) from my friend. He had it wired so that the Xbox home button was the select button. I was wondering if I could rewire it so that the turbo button could be the xbox home so that I can actually use my select button when playing on xbox (my primary system). I know that select is not the most used button, but I would like to have be able to use it for training mode and such (also, its a bit of an OCD thing just ‘missing’ a button). So can anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated.

you’re gonna need a soldering iron to do this. tap the alternate point on the back of the ps3 board to access the signal for the home button. I dont’ remember what point it was and i don’t have a ps3 TE in front of me. Use a multimeter and find that one point, solder the wire to that point and rewire that dual mod to that specific point

Does anyone here happen to know which point it is exactly? I don’t have a multimeter (or a soldering iron, but that might be easier to find) here at college with me.

If it helps, its one of the circle points in the back of the board.

I’ll break it open tonight and take a look…

Solder to where the left orange wire is.

Wait why dont’ you just solder it to the home button instead?
Does it have to be the turbo button?

No, it doesn’t have to be the turbo, but I just didn’t know how all of this worked. My friend is telling me to be uber careful doing this though, or the turbo button could be rendered useless and not push.

Wait though…how would pushing the turbo/home button work on the picture above? If the wire is soldered strait to the contact point, why would it not just constantly be ‘pushing’ the home button (for lack of a knowledge of the technical terms)?

It would be that way if you soldered it to the opposite side.

There are two sides, one is Signal, the other is Ground. When a signal side (5 volts) touches ground (0 volts), then it goes to the main Integrated circuit, IC, or “chip” which then tells the system when it is pressed. The side that the wire is soldered onto (The right side of the left circle) is signal. So, how does it connect to the other side? Easy, when you push the button, you press down a piece of metal that touched the two sides together.

Now, because your wire is soldered to the signal side, it will always be at 5V, until you push the button down. Then it will be at 0V, so then when that wire becomes 0V, it goes to the wire you soldered to, and then is read by the madcatz 4716 board as being ground.

It will always be considered “pushed” if you solder to the wrong side. Easiest way to check is to plug into a PC, open up control panel>Printers and other hardware>controllers>Properties. If the select is always held down, then desolder and solder to the other side.

that’s why i said use the opposite side before, i just didn’t remember what point it was that you had to use. The back points are nice large circles which you can solder too and dont’ have to worry about creating solder bridges.

There’s good points on the back? I wish I had known that when I was dual modding a PS3 TE yesterday! I would have taken pictures and also used them so that I wouldn’t have to unscrew the PCB from the turbo panel :sad:

There is a nice point in the back to solder for Home.
You do not need to unscrew the plastic thing holding PCB.

Which point is it? Does anyone happen to have a picture?

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I’ll take a shot of the point when I see my friend’s TE which I did this for tomorrow. If someone can enlighten this good man before tomorrow of the point on the back of his joystick board, that would be best.

Thank you very much sir!

couldn’t get my friend’s TE as i forgot a screwdriver (d’oh) , but the point is actually listed on a previous SRK thread

here’s a picture with the point used from that same post

if someone can confirm if this is the point that would be very helpful