Help Me with av? PPLLZZ

If any 1 is feelin creative or just helpful. I need someone to create an av that has ken training. you know the sfa3 ending. well after that u can have it where ryu is in his stance where he has arms crossed saying to himself, “There is no one that can seem to bring out the best in my fist except for…Akuma.” “My techniques have become near perfected, and the battle with Akuma is getting closer.” “I can feel it…” Then Akuma comes sliding in with the teleport. "Are you ready for your true destiny, Ryu?

Ryu turns around an does the intro poses before his fights. (Tightens gloves, belt, headband, etc. by the way it has to be Alpha3 sprites.)

As soon as they begin to start Ken jumps from outside the screen, and throws up his peace sign. "Ryu, are you ready to get your ass-kicked, and stop all of that bullshit srk threads about who’s better between us? You see…I actually trained this time…All of a sudden the screen goes black, and it says on the black screen Akuma:"Screw this the guy actually trained this time, and he always almost kicks Ryu’s ass. "Im outta here!"
Screen becomes normal again. Ryu and Ken are in there fighting stances thats when Ryu starts to get nervous, and thinks “Oh, Crap!” “Where’s Akuma?” “Im a goner” end. i hope thats not too much. if so at least i tried to ask. but if possible ill gladly search for the sprites my self. or whatever u may need. thnx srk :tup:

i dunno how anybody’s gonna fit all that into 20kB. You might want to trim down your request significantly.

:sweat: ok… :bgrin:

well u could have ken doing his taunt, and ryu saing no because you trained this time.

thats good enough.

how about jus iori laughing at a girls flat ass? damn somebody answer…pissin me off. Im just going to have to buy the stuff so ill be able to do it myself.

No need to buy anything: