Help me with Fei Long's FADC combo PLEASE!

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to do Fei Long’s best FADC combo for a few years now without success. His DK > FADC > CW combo. Every time I try to do FADC after dragon kick, I get either the full focus attack motion, or something random would pop up after FADC like another dragon kick. I use a Madcatz stick so I thought execution won’t be a problem but that’s not the case. Even though I am not good enough to use it in the game yet I still want to learn this combo. Please help me or give me an online tutorial. Thanks so much!

In the beginning I had the same problems (playing on pad though). Holding Focus Attack feels unnatural to me so I always just tapped it once and dashed at the same time. But too often the focus attack was released before the dash.
Then I found a tip in the Adon forums: tap Focus Attack twice!

With this my FADCs work 100%.

So just do: MK Flamekick > MP+MK+forward > MP+MK+forward , and then take your time to perform the Chicken Wing precisely (you can start from down/back instead of back).