Help me with my Dudley! (Video inside)


Yo it’s me again and I took you all advice from last time and put the regulations back on normal (tourney). Feels better to play now than before.

Anyway my Dudley is a little rusty and I decided to come back here for help. I can’t get hit confirms right, but I can cancel like no ones business.


That’s me and a friend. I apologize a head of time for the lack of quality since I can’t afford a decent camera so I used my laptops webcam.


Your friend never blocks and does all sorts of stupid shit. All you need to do is block well and punish his mistakes properly with Duds bread and butter combos for a start.


Block when you are attacked, don’t just stand there and try to block shit because that ruins the game. 3s has tons of situations but you don’t get to encounter them unless you explore the game for these situations. So keep up what you’re doing and eventually you’ll get used to your friends dumb shit and own him to the point where he learns to own you and then you him and so on and so forth.

stop with the close cr. fierce, that’s a far poke or anti-air not a “I’m going to jump in and cr. fierce” kinda move. Pay more attention to what he’s gonna do rather than what he did. Your friend does fireball and you jump over and whiff in the air land and attack and by the time you finish all three of those things your friend is in the air jumping back with roundhouse. Obviously something went wrong and you still haven’t caught on.

It’s not just about links and cancels. You need some discipline.


I’d LOVE to help, in TWO ways: 1 is about strategy/match analysis, and the other is equipment :smiley: I’m no expert but I have a lotta experience. First off, to get it outta the way, I can sympathize about spending money on a cam. I bought a digital camera for $100 and I’m VERY happy with it cos I feel I got my money’s worth. I uploaded a bunch of stuff on YouTube as well, and it’s easy to see what’s happening during the matches. I bought a $15 memory card and a $15 tripod so I could record up close, and that’s IT for the technology I use. You could probably buy a cheaper cam on ebay, but it seems like used cams are NOT worth buying…the lens might get stuck, and it’s not worth fixing at that point, I’ve heard.

Secondly, the advice you got so far is totally right. If you’re playing DUDLEY in specific, you might want to go to the Dudley section of this site. However, I’d suggest in general, try slowing down what you’re doing by turtling SOMETIMES when you get confused and need time to think or are taking too much damage, cos the worst thing that could happen, if you block all day, is getting thrown, unless your friend is using HUGO or someone w/ a damaging command grab, come to think of it. Command grabs have start-up, so you can try to train yourself to anticipate them and jump, reversal them w/ an srk-type move, etc. If you get thrown too much, which probably happens to EVERYbody at some point, practice tech-throwing regular throws. It’s REALLY important in this game. I used to struggle a lot but I was reminded that I just needed to think of it in a new way. Vary your timing on teching, and think of it as though you’re trying to throw them at the same time. I hope this wasn’t irrelevant, but since the other guys were talking about when you should try to block, I figured the next step was to talk about what to do if you’re blocking but still taking damage. If you block low and get hit by a poke, it’s an overhead, even if it doesn’t look like it! :stuck_out_tongue: Elena’s the perfect example lol (MOST overheads of any character).

ALSO, watch match videos to see how the BEST Dudleys face situations similar to yours, although it’s not as useful for strategy. It’s mostly helpful for combos and learning how to punish mistakes/whiffs or reversal the opponents, as well as what works best on specific characters you’re fighting. You may already know that some of Dudley’s combos in particular will NOT work on some characters if you try to hit them while they’re crouching (I call them “low crouchers”). I watch a lotta Chun/Duds vids when I’m focusing on Dudley and feel “stuck”.

Unless you REALLY want to stick to playing Dudley, I suggest switching characters to get an overall better feel for the game; another perspective. Some would suggest trying to use the character you’re having trouble beating, so you can understand their strengths and weaknesses better, and turn that knowledge against the other player in the future :slight_smile: 'hope this helps!