Help me with my Rose (and just my gameplay in general)



I have been messing around with characters and such and I think I would like to settle on Rose. I feel I am finding myself discouraged by my progress or lack there of. So I will link 3 videos to give you all a frame of reference to pull from. I would really appreciate any tips or constructive criticism as I am kind of at a loss of what I should be doing.

I know one thing I have to work on and that is execution. Specifically of combos when in an actual fight. I don’t have much problem when in training to do them, but when it comes to doing it under pressure I falter.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


You really need to work on defense and stopping damage. You are getting hit relentlessly by simple cross up attacks and simple meaty wake up pokes. You have to learn how to stop the bleeding if you ever hope to progress.

Next is to learn a simple bread and butter combo as your “go to” for punish. Crouching medium punch to light soul spiral will do you wonders. It’s a simple 2 hit combo that ends in a knock down and you should be learning to abuse this at every chance you get. Not sure what you are doing but I’m seeing you mash light punch after opponents whiff. If you are trying a more complicated string forget it for now and simply do, lk spiral as your punish. is only a 4 frame start up so it is capable of hitting a LOT of things and easily combos into LK spiral.

Thirdly your footsie game is non existent. This is the pillar upon which your Rose should be built. You need to learn her normal attacks as she has some of the very best normal moves in the game. Far standing heavy kick to harass players at range, close standing medium kick to blow up crouch teching players (and avoid low attacks) Crouching medium kick at just beyond opponents sweep range to go under high attacks (also easily combos to EX soul spiral at any range on hit) Her crouching heavy punch is also a very reliable anti air tool for those that want to attempt jump ins. Her slide is also an amazing tool when used properly to pressure and escape. You can easily escape cross up shennanigans by just sliding under the opponent when they jump for instance.

TL:DR…defense learn to block…use simple reliable punishes like, lk spiral…learn her normals and use them to pester opponetns.