Help me with some tips (Vids inside)

I need some advices to beat those guys:

1- [media=youtube]g8R3WcgklR4[/media]
Srgio (P1) is THE turtle, he plays defensively, if you jump he’ll anti-air, if you roll, he’ll throw. He throws a lot, basicaly, it’s his main weapon.
Giovani (P2) is different, kinda strange, sometimes do something ‘mashed’, sometimes turtles.

2- [media=youtube]omryOwxuhf4[/media]
Gouki_psx (P1) is very good in JD. He relies on his JD and throws a lot. JD in mid-air->throw
Azis (P2) is Vega dependant. He claims his Vega is one of the best in the world…

later I’ll post my match


1st link isn’t working (yet).

As for the 2nd vid, I didn’t see anything from either to make them look hard to beat. The K groover seems largely dependant on fierces and roundhouses, no real poke strings, mix ups. I would do the following ;

Get up close, and press your light attacks slowly. If it hits, link into a combo. If he blocks or JDs, continue in order to see if you can land a counter hit to keep him from pressing buttons. If he stops, thats where you start throwing. Or use some guard crush strings to force him to look for a way out.

He also seemed very reliant on jumping. Do anti airs that are JD safe. I noticed that he never really walked in with most of his characters … especially Mai. The Blanka player should’ve just spammed jump straight up fierce.

As for the Aztec guy its a bit of the same. He has a better understanding of pokes from what I can tell. He doesn’t seem to be too good at punishing mistakes with the best option. Like with Blanka, he has a few openings to do cr mk xx super. But he would do jump in, cr rh. Went for cross up super instead (Which I thought was pretty obvious).

I would take more risks against this guy.

That 2nd Vid

The P1 Sagat pretty much held fierce down the whole time. He was okay at best. Like others said, he relied on fierces and roundhouses way too much with no sense of blockstrings or mixups. The vega was okay, good at whiff punishing but once he got cornered he was done. Also, he was letting Sagat jump in on him and wasnt anti airing with s.Hk. I dont know what it will trade / beat against sagat (i dont get to play sagat with vega much) but that is one of vegas main anti airs. Pretty much, everything that the dude before me said stands ture. Rugal randomly threw out a godpress against a charged blanka and he swept. Not a good move.

Ok first of all, we already have a thread. People need to start using their heads and use threads instead of making a new one everytime they want advice or some boshit…


Azis clearly, clearly, clearly, does not have the best vega in the world. not even a good one.

It seems like Gouki-pxs or is jumping to get in everytime, and azis is not getting him on the jumps. They play very unsafe for example: rugl throws fireball and does wall grab? wtf?. Gouki spams sagat c.hp hoping to get counter hit or some shit? i unno. And vega doesnt punish him. Random uppercuts from sagat.

Main conclusion for both players:

Dont jump so much
Punish jumps
Dont do random ass shit