Help Me With The Mashers!

i played quite a few matches today…if theres one thing i hate the most is the wakeup mashers and the guys who just jump in with a hard kick and mash lp then throw out a sweep in the middle of thier spamming…it kills me i have no idea wat to do my combos will always always get srked and i cant even anti air them without trading.i play cody and i dont see how ryan hunter or even the japenese have no problems with combos and mashers when they play ranked matches and how are they able to tell which combo to do in a certain situation. how am i suppose to read a player…mayb this game isnt for me???

wellll now, I’ve been playing cody for almost a year now in ssf4, and i have absolutely no problem with mashers.
My suggestion: Stop playing online. Playing online teaches you bad habits; like spamming bingos, using EX bingo or wakeup dust as a reversal on every wakeup. find people in real life and play with them instead.

Also, if you find that your opponent is a masher, just block. That’s all you have to do. Block. learn to block.

The reason that their Shoryukens are coming through your combos is because you are DROPPING your combos. Spend time in training mode getting your execution down. Don’t practice a combo until you get it right; practice it until you can’t get it wrong. As for anti-air, it just takes practice and more time with the game to get the timing down, and to learn which anti-air is best in which situation; for example I always use roundhouse Ruffian kick on reaction as AA against cammy, but never use b+mp, because the matchup doesn’t really call for it.

That’s not to say you don’t have to learn to deal with mashers, some of the best players mash, coughmarncough. One of the first things I do to combat mashers is to purposely drop combos and block strings in an attempt to bait the mashed out Shoryuken. After that, I mean, it’s pretty intuitive; just react to whatever your opponent is doing and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Just bolding this to highlight how important this point is.

Block every once in a while

I have a similar problem with mashers maybe someone could point me in the right direction:

My problem tends to be people that press a lot of buttons, all the time. I try to predict when they’re going to start pushing them and focus attack them when they do unsafe sweeps(or things of the like) but, they can be pretty unpredictable.

Just like focus attacks counter poking is a problem because I’m really not sure which normal is going to come out next from them which means all I can really do is whiff punish them if they whiff something bad enough and I’m in a situation well enough.

It seems like the next obvious answer is frame trap them. You’re not going to sit and block someone doing low forwards over and over and let them push you out for free with a move that isnt even safe on block. The problem is they push so many buttons I feel like I can’t get close enough to frame trap them. Using cody as an example the only way I’m able to get some real frame traps going is if I can get a jump in so I can use the frame advantage of close strong. Without jumping I can’t get close enough to get a close strong and that’s no good. Close strong ALWAYS leads to low fierce xx ex rocks, U2 against these players but, I can’t rely on jumping for all of my damage.

The next tactic I try to use is frame trapping with different normals and using just timing such as doing a low jab, pause, into low jab hit confirm criminal upper. Here is where my problem really comes in to play: I start getting jabbed out of my frame traps. Codys low jab is only +2 on block and it has a 4 frame start up. Even if they’re mashing and you chain them they’re gonna block but, when you put that small gap in there it’s really hard to time it correctly to hit them out of the start up of their jabs without getting counter hit myself.

Are there other techniques I should be using? Better normals? If I already have the right idea how do I set up a training mode situation to practice the correct timing? Is there a better way to punish them?

Every time I play I always have problems with the people pushing a lot of random buttons. Really trying to remedy this but, I’m having trouble figuring it out. Pouring over the frame data looking at advantages with all of my characters to see if it will solve my problem but, frame advantage and numbers aren’t everything. There’s something I’m missing here.

I can’t tell you what to do, your opponent does that part.

If you want a formula, Akuma is interesting with his triple fire balls, a blessing really making idiots stop turtling, well except for Blanka of course. Jump in the air, use ground fire balls and triple fire balls when its safe.

M. Bison / Dictator has a safe light scissor kick with chip damage and once in awhile might hit them and mix it up with a throw or guard break here and there with the occasional ex head stomp does quite a bit of damage.

If you risk and practice with focus attacks, maybe even surpass me at it and you’ll be a lot better than most people period.

You have got to play like a complete turtle, the only aggression you can really afford is to get close to them and make it look like you are trying to be agressive. Your entire strategy should be to block reversals and anti-air very consistently. Mashers generally will not be able to close distance on you or footsie whatsoever. All you need to do is slowly move them toward the corner or try to force them to jump with fireballs or by just out-right turtling. If you get a knockdown and know any safejump setups, this can get you in on them for free, for example Chun has safejumps against even Sagat’s reversal DP. Once you are in I don’t recommend frametrapping them because a lot of mashers will also mash reversals during your blockstrings. Just stay close to them and try to force them to reversal.

Just keep in mind that unless they are actually mixing in throws, they are not going to hit you if you just block. So even if it seems frustrating that they are constantly doing random shit and you can’t predict it, you’re just blocking normals that have no chance of hitting you unless you stop blocking. You are thinking and they are not, that should be able to give you the win provided you play patient enough. Get a small life lead and then just turtle, they will eventually have to come toward you and that usually will mean jumping into your anti-air. When you turtle, try to pressure them toward the corner, once they are cornered they are more likely to jump into you, reversal, or otherwise do something dumb and punishable. When you get a knockdown always make it look like you are going to meaty attack or walk up grab by stagger stepping, but always back up enough that they can’t throw you. If they whiff a throw or a DP you can punish. You can get risky and do something like backdash right as they wakeup and then sweep whatever pokes they mash out, but limit the amount of offensive stuff you do because your gameplan should generally just be sitting on a lifelead.

SF4 kind of sucks in this regard, you really have to make your gameplay very boring against certain bad habits.

Edit: Also if they are actually just mashing and buttons and not doing any reversals, you can literally meaty sweep them over and over after one knockdown and it will just knock them down over and over. I have had this work on people like five times in a row until they either start mashing reversals or gasp block. It’s pretty rare for someone to mash and not mash a DP though so make sure you feel out the situation properly.

Well this is something you just learn to overcome with some practice. After a while your combo’s will become extremely consistent and after a while, you’ll realise all mashers are the same, I mean I very rarely lose to mashers but occassionally that rare one comes along and damn I get salty when I lose. But the thing is, just block and eventually they’ll something dumb, punish then run away again. Jump over fireballs or even just block. They’ll impatient and probably, again lol. It’s like you have to throw everything you’ve learnt out of the window and play a completely different, lame-ass game against these people. Balrog is a beast vs mashers :smiley:

As a Cody player myself I have felt your pain. Everywhere its written that Cody is a ‘rushdown’ character. As soon as you run at someone over and over you’re dead. This isn’t just Cody - any character has this issue. Mindless rushing will get you beaten up badly.

With these players the first thing is to realise what they are doing. The sooner the better - even if it just means going into d/b at the start and watching them. You’ll know pretty soon what they are going to do.

Tricks I use to get through these clowns (most of this has been covered by other posts btw):

  1. Block. Sit and block their jump in and d/b their subsequent attack (likely - which you can hit them with with Cody though be careful if you’re close they can lp.dp on hit and get you…).

Just sit and block and see what they do. Be careful not to get stuck in ‘cross-up’ distance. As was said - if they aren’t throwing they aren’t going to do much to you here but some chip.

Just sitting and block (out of throw range) on wakeup will give you a good idea if they mash dp type moves on wake up - its just free damage and even if you only use to start they get put right back where they were - on the ground and likely to mash again.

  1. Move them to the corner. Mostly seen in Ryu’s and Ken’s is the jump forward, hk xx, jump back, fireball, dp. Over and over. Just stay out of range and walk forward. They don’t want to be near you so they’ll jump back. Let them. Maybe throw a bad stone at their fireball to make them feel like you aren’t just setting them up. Once in the corner they will start to panic when you’re at 1/2 screen - get ready to anti-air or punish the coward 'copter with bad stone (easy, low damage) or dash bingo (harder since you have to have it charged but higher damage). Then let them run again and repeat. The key is NOT to give them a free jump in and combo damage. Keep the life lead and they have to come to you.

  2. Anti-air. This takes come getting used to as Cody. is good but not very damaging. You need to be on point with it a lot or people just jump in all day betting xx cr.hp xx hp.dp will deal more damage than them getting anti-air’d a bit. Just keep anti-air’ing them. I had a Ryu the other night in the corner - he jumped at me FIVE times in a row and got a all five time. The third one traded and the 5th KO’d him.

Hk.rk is great - but you have get your execution speed up a bit and be ready. You’ll know the ‘jump’ distance of most player and where hk.rk works. If you suspect a jump-in just don’t do anything. Buffer the f d/f f motion but ONLY press hk when you see them leave the ground. You just have to work out where in the jump ie when they leave the ground, mid jump etc works for you depending on how fast you can do it. Once you know that sweat on the jump in (if they aren’t using ground game to approach) and hit it. Go into training mode to practice - and then get used to looking for your 2 bars to FADC into mk.rk, (ex.CU for three bars) or Ultra. Mk.rk is ‘easy mode’ here and gives them a 230hp damage anti-air jolt back to reality.

  1. People who don’t jump and just sit and press buttions - very few of these ‘pokers’ out there. Generally if they are clued in enough not to jump they can get in on the ground, but sometimes not. Pretty simple - stand beyond their ‘poke’ range and throw lp bad stones at them. They’ll jump - then its hk.rk time :wink: Lp bad stone is your best bet due to faster recovery. You can fake bad stone to keep them guessing from time to time as well (and bait the jump in).

Not all of this will happen overnight either. It will take time and some pain staking losses against these players until you get to the point where you can consistantly beat them. Even then if you’re tied or your reactions are slow for whatever reason you can find yourself going down the tubes against them.

Hit me up online sometime and we can do some training.


Thanks for the advice on mashers. Its embarrassing getting beat by my bro-in-law who rarely plays!

walk up to them and BLOCK. they won’t throw much and even if they do: your punishes>their throws