Help me with this new

Ok i was looking through the rules and learning everything in preparation for the event on the evo2k website and i stumbled across a Q&A that really confused me in the FAQ section… where the question was “Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed?” and the answer was “No”. But then another question “Are custom arcade sticks allowed?” and the answer was “Yes”…does this mean if i am to bring a stick it HAS to be customized or something?..i am planning on having a custom stick anyways but im just confused about that little situation right there…

ALSO…when competing in the tournament what am i required to use? Can i use my custom stick ? Or does Evo provide controllers or sticks at our convenience? Again i am new to it all and this will be my first time going to Evo, iv been playing fighting games locally a big while now and want to take it to the next level. Please help me out and see you at the event!:shy:

Wireless sticks and controller are not allowed. WIRED sticks and controllers ARE allowed. So as long as your stick/controller is WIRED you will be allowed to use it. Yes you will be allowed to used your custom stick, as long as it is a wired stick. Evo staff does not provide sticks for you to use as far as i know.

ok thanks a lot…so i can use either stick or controller during the tournaments


Any wired controller or pad (that does not have a macro button, lets say being able to DP on a touch of a button or a full ultra combo) is allowed.