Help me?

any idea on how to fit an seimitsu ls 32-01 joystick into the madcatz te?

Have you opened your TE and tried it yet?
Because there is only one way to do it.

Unscrew JLF, use screws to mount LS-32 with SS mounting plate that coms with it. Also, be sure to rotate your LS-32’s PCB so that the pins will be facing to the right. When you pull out the JLF wiring harness, be sure to rotate it 180 degrees, it must be placed in the LS-32 upside down, else, it won’t work. Your PCB must also be rotated, else, the pins will not be touching the right wires. All you have to do is unscrew the PCB from the LS-32-01, and then turn it to the side instead of up/down. Then moun it so that it is facing the right, not the left.

Seriously it look intimidating when you open up the stick but its very easy to figure things out where they go and not hard at all.