Help me

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this because this is my first post and i just made this account, but i was wondering if i could get specific cody help because hes my main and i sort of understand how to play him for the most part but i keep doing stupid things and not knowing to many basics. i’ve been playing for like four months. So if someone could run some sets with me and help me out, that would be appreciated. My XBL is Dope Is Mikey. PSN is Watowa.

hey mate you in the uk or us? i dont mind playing a bit if your in Europe but not if your in the US the lag is just silly.

I’m in the US, thanks anyway man.

no worries mate good luck with cody and all that jazz!

I’m in the US, East Coast. Feel free to add me for some matches. I’ll help however I can.

im gonna add you on both systems if thats cool

Yeah sure man. Either system is fine. I have headsets for both if you want to chat between matches. PS3 is good if you want to chat and spread tips via text chat. 360 for the connection obviously.

I’m no pro but I have a decent Cody. You can invite me anytime on PSN, SN is Chimpan-A.

sounds good.

Chimpan has a solid Cody Mikey.

We should do matches again soon Mikey. And we need to do another ft15 Chimp lol

We played a couple matches, he’s good.