Help: modding my HRAP VX SA

Hey guys,

I was looking into modding my HRAP VX SA with a Seimitsu octogonal gate since I have problems pulling off double QCFs towards the right. I’ve been studying up and just thought I’d make sure that I have the right idea of what to get so that I don’t end up with a part I can’t use.

So: if the original stick is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK, then the replacement should be a Seimitsu LS-56 and an MS mounting plate, right? Or am I supposed to get an LS-56-01? Apparently they’re the same except one comes with an H5P harness, but I have no clue what that is or if I need it.

On top of swapping out the stick, the original button color scheme is kind of ugly on the 360 stick. I was thinking I’d replace the buttons to make it look like the one on the right in the pic below.

And I figure, since I’m going to have enough parts left over to make another stick for a friend altogether, I’m gonna need a case. Some of the finished cases I’ve seen online are finished wood and cost over $100, but I was just hoping to find a cheap plastic / glass top one. I assume all I need is that, some wire, a cheap Gamestop 360 controller to make a fully functioning stick. Not sure how the 360 home button will work out though. I guess I could just eBay the parts instead.

So the other big question is: what would be the best place to buy all these parts?

For extra info on the stick:

Thanks in advance.

You need to read through this before people start yelling at you… Honest!

Haha, my B. I didn’t find my answer there and didn’t figure to, you know, actually post in it.

You want an LS-56-01, it means that is has the 5-pin connector. No -01 is no connecter.

H5P harness is just the harness used for all Seimitsu joysticks, but it is completely interchangeable with Sanwa JLF-H harness. You need to flip the connector upside-down when you swap from Sanwa to Seimitsu joystick. Seimitsu includes H5P cables, but Sanwa does not include JLF-H cables.

However, you won’t need the H5P cables, as there’s already a harness in the VX-SA. You just disconnect it, flip it upside-down, then reconnect.

Yes, MS mounting plate with LS-56-01

I use for parts.

You should, because the people there likely have the answers you seek.

Good to know about the -01 tag, and that site is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Thanks a ton, man.