Help Modding\Wiring 360 TE Stick

Hi everybody,

I just have a few questions on what I need to do to get power running to my 5 volt LED buttons. I bought the Paradise Arcade LED buttons for my TE Stick and did all the work Dremeling out the plastic to fit the buttons, and switched the .110 to .187 disconnects too. Got everything working so the buttons activate when pressed, just no LED. What I am stuck on is I bought a .250 Daisy Chain Harness to connect all the LED Switches, but I don’t know where I need to splice/ground the final wire out to turn on the LED’s when the USB is plugged in. I am just wanting the buttons to be always on when the stick is plugged in. I tried touching the last wire to the 5 Volt USB Line on the PCB for the stick after plugging it in and that got nothing. Do I need to remove the 5 Volt line first and splice them then solder it back, or run a wire to both the 5 volt and ground lines? Thanks for the any advice everybody. Also I have no pictures at the moment, but I can provide them if needed.

if you’re using a 360 TE, there’s a nice spot you can solder to on the turbo panel for 5V labeled “USB VCC”.

Connect the negative cathodes to ground. Connect the positive anodes to the 5V. Be sure to put a resistor in the middle somewhere, if the paradise arcade LED buttons didn’t have any. I would suspect they do, but I’m not 100% sure.

If anything ever doesn’t turn on with LEDs, my first troubleshooting advice would be to turn the wires around.