Help modding X arcade

im thinking about getting the duo one. and modding it with happs comp parts. anybody have any tutorials? is there soldering involved?

anybody willing to do it for me?


I will first help you by telling you not to get one heh. But if you do, the instruction manual it comes with will tell you how to switch out the buttons and stick if stuff breaks, which is the same as modding. Everything uses quick disconnects so there is no soldering required. Everything in there is the same size as Happ since they use Happ clones, so its basically just like taking everything out and putting it back in the same way.

nice,i didn’t know that…

thanx for the info in advance…

on another note:

i recently bought an ASCII for the DC, and i opened it yesterday (i didn’t like the stick at all,way too worn out), and man, i think it’s gonna need somesoldering, illpost somepics, once i get my laptop back.

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