Help MSP users?

what should i do when psylocke is all alone i have no idea this sux. sumtimes i get lucky and win but i need to a know a strategy on how to use her by herself against sentinel and the camando assist

Look in Psylocke thread buddy. If you need more strat on how to use Psy effectively, then ask away. I quite playing games a long time ago, but i still have my skill. I usually go outisde to play sports with my friends etc…

ok then. ey anyone know what is the easiest way to pull off magnetos guard crush im having trouble with it because what i usually do is s.jump lk, dash down lk, lk and it usually works but its not that acurate with me. one more thing does storm has a gaurd cruch if she does can you help me out thanx.

this combo kicks ass and takes a lot of damage from your opponent use storm lp, lp. hk assist with magneto right after you do hk then s.jump hk dash diagonal down lk,lk then lk+hp then super it kicks ass trust me it tskes a shit load of damage

with psy alone. put pressure on your opponent. s hp x proj and repeat. if being rushed or stomped down, qcf lk x butterfly super. against sent, you have to control the air. if sent is at the same height as you, use hp proj. if sent is grounded then lp.

magz gb… why doesnt it work? if they are blocking the second lk then you were late on the first lk. you just have to get the timing down.

only storm gb i know includes an assist. but im prety sure she has solo gb’s.

your combo is ok… but could be better. its always better to start off any combo with lk. if they were crouching, s lp would miss. becuase of damage buffering i think it would be better to use this combo instead. s.hkxmag la ls.

lightning attack diagonally to hit your opponent after the assist.


storm has a solo grab agaisnt sentinel just hk him then s.jump lp,lk make sure when you hit him and hold forward at the same time and grab when you release then follow up with a lightning attack if you’re lucky he wont block then super i did it many time and it works.

ok now i dont have any problems fighting against sent capcom dr doom cable and tron but when it comes to a mirror match i always end up loosing one way i have a chance is just s.jump hp dash down hp keep doing it until he cames at me and i can hurt him but when i tried to rush him down i always got hit by his psylocke it there any other way to conter with MSP plz help me out.

here’s another combo i heard and tried it works to. use Mag lk down hp + call in storm assist s.jump hk dash diagonal down hk then lk down hk then pull off an infinite.

when facing msp. you must play smart, you cant juss blindly rushdown. snap in psylocke if you get the chance or bait her out and deal some damage. go for the kill but do not risk your point character. even if you do not kill psylocke, if harshly damaged your opponent will hesitate to call her out leaving you the chance to rtsd… rush that shit down… and always keep pressure on your opponent so he can not turn the tables and rush you down…


your never going to win psy vs. sent/cap, at least a good player anyways. shit…she is gun get unblockabled when she comes in, then they are going to stit fly, she jumps, sentinel fly’s low while calling capcom and she gets hit, she fireballs on the way down to avoid another unblockable, back to spit flying…its a vicious cycle…

Psylocke isn’t completely horrible on Sentinel/Commando. At least, jump roundhouse is a good move on Sent (outprioritizes most of his moves and if it hits him on the ground you go into inf). If you have Storm available, you can use her as guard to come in (typhoons stuff corridor), and go for the instant overhead as well.

He was talking about guard breaks, not throws.

You can just guard break with a SJ.jab and air dash down as the person’s coming in.

usually this fight never happens, he’s right. Most players now just unblockable psy and kill her.

on point though, psylocke can’t mount an offense because she is always dealing with commando assist and then forced to block sentinels follow-up attacks. Over and over ghetto pattern

just rush her down with commando assist + spitfly + pans for fun

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hm. good point about the unblockable and etc but psylocke isnt defenseless. ive found that most underestimate her ability giveing her the upperhand. psyblasts in the air will give better control and on ground s.hp xx hp psyblast keeps pressure. if sent is flying low, qcf + lk xx qcb + kk. does a nice job of catching some players off guard.


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thanx man it helped alot now ive beaten a sent couple of times with my psy but what if he just keeps away what should i do and everytime i try to get in he just hits me with his j.hp can i get around it

if sent has control of the air. use pysblasts to put some pressure down. lp if sent is flying lower. hp if at the same height or above you.

hm. just a thought. ill test it out tonite.

with psy. if sent is in fly mode. sj and wait for the hp. block, then pushblock. quickly perform xx qcb.kk. not sure about this one yet.

stuck in class. im so bored.


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