Help: My Computer Keeps Sending Packets (Notron 2010?)


I play HDR on the 360.
I also have a PC connected to the internet while I play.

This hasn’t been a problem for me in the past, because I am just careful not to have any auto-net accessing programs up while I play.

However, recently I’ve been having lag troubles when I connect to HDR.
And even though I have no auto-net accessing programs running, I see the network activity icon flash indicating there is net activity from my computer.

This seems to coincide with my “upgrading” to Norton 2010 on my computer.
I went into the Norton settings and killed:
Automatic Life Update
Pulse Updates
Insight Network

Is there some way to pinpoint what on my PC keep sending packets?
Is it the new Norton 2010?

Is this the right section to post this in?

Looking forward to squashing this annoying lag generator.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Simple solution, really:



Don’t we have a tech thread??

It would be far more benifical to ask on the Norton forum or talk to customer services.

(check the firewall scan you pc for malware and flees)


As said already, uninstall that POS program. Norton absolutely sucks.


We have a whole forum dedicated to PC help. Please use it.

There is also a program that comes with Windows called netstat. Google it and use it to solve your problem. It is pretty straight forward.

Short work-around: unplug/turn off your PC when you play on xbox.


We already know he has malware.

It’s called Norton:coffee: