Help my crappy fighting skills! forward medium kick > dash > standing hard punch

I really have a lot of trouble with this combo. Even mashing out my hard punch I only make it happen about 33% of the time, if I’m not mashing I would guess around ~10%. Are there any tips to doing this that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance!

I had same problem. especially with hard trial #5. after practicing this combo for 25 minutes, I pulled off the trial on my third try! practice s.HP, COD, FADC, s.HP,COD. once you can get this regularly, throw in the f+MK in the beginning. you’re learning the timing of the first HP here. Once you can get this down, you’re there. Just gotta land that last s.HP and you’re golden.

dont mash out the hard punch. its all about timing. if you did it to late, the opp blocks (in practice with auto guard settings one) and if you did it too fast nothing comes out. try hitting the button ONCE per attempt. p-linking also helps, alot.

Yeah, I was used to think that CoD >> FADC cr.HP was timming strict… Then I knew the F+MK dash HP ._.

A youtube video with the precise rythm will be most useful. :smiley:

Training mode --> practice.

I can link f+mk consistently on a monitor that has low input lag, but that’s a whole separate issue. My trick is to hold stick forward + MK dash cancel, then let the stick reset to the neutral position (don’t touch) followed by s.hp (plinking hp~mp) then resume stick movement and continue with COD. Lots of my errors were in moving the stick before I landed the s.hp. The timing for the link for me at least is the sound cue of the first f+mk hit when I hear this sound I press s.hp.