Help my decide between these three sticks: RAP4 Kai, TE2, SFV TE S+

Hi guys,

I have been playing hundreds of hours of good old Street Fighter II back in the SNES days and I want to give the genre another try with the release of SFV and the latest Blaz Blu on PC.

While I had my fun on the 360 with SF IV and Soul Calibur, I was always put off by the awful D-Pad on the 360 controller (like all of them, not only the official MS one).

I am situated in Germany and importing is not an option for me since for whatever reason my stuff tends to get stuck at customs for months. So I am limited to the selection of the German Amazon store.

There is a sale on Warehouse Deals going on so prices are reasonable.

At first I got a Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa for Xbox One for 100 EUR, a real bargain. Love the stick, love the slanted wrist rests, hate the wobbly buttons. Unfortunately I was not able to get the Triggers working on PC, so I have to look for PS4 editions of the sticks.

I am not into modding but have no issue with swapping the buttons or the stick.

The following three sticks are available:

Hori Real Aracde Pro 4 Kai for 145 EUR.
Should be roughly the same as the RAPV. Artwork is awful and I might swap the buttons, which are easy to get in Germany and would set me back another 30 EURs. On he other hand the Hayabusa stick and especially the wrist rests are really nice.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for 165 EUR.
Huge, heavy and sturdy base which I like. There are reports about the top being too flexible. Nice Artwork.

MadCatz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+ for 185 EUR
Sturdy all around construction, touchpad and also the newest of the bunch. Could be a bit wider for comfortable lap play, though. Artwork is decent.

MadCatz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 looks really nice, but is ridiculously expensive here in Germany (340 EUR+).

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’d go with the te-s+. Great shell on that one, and I prefer sanwa buttons over kuros.

Totally different for me, I felt the wrist rest area on the HRAP too narrow for my liking to build. Couldn’t find a good adjustment resting my wrist and have moved onto the TE2+ myself. I think the Sanwa to be a tad better, kind of like less padding and u know for sure u pressed those buttons.

Hey, verkaufe zur Zeit einen Hori Real Arcade Pro V5 Silent komplett gemoddet mit Sanwa Teile. Ist ein Import und nur etwas über 6 Monate jung. Komplett mit Versand und Zoll aller Teile hat der fast 310€ gekostet. Hättest auf jedenfall dann ein Stick den du in Deutschland nicht kriegst.


The Kai comes with Hayabusa buttons now.

I have a hrap 4 kai and I love it. I know the kuros aren’t for everyone, but I really like them. The hayabusa stick is also awesome.

I rest my palm on the bevel. I thought they did that because it’s more comfortable.

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if pc only, why not grab a HRAP EX (the mini blast city case like the HRAP 1 & 2) easily picked up for around 60 euros used, you can swap in sanwa buttons, although im not sure if its x input or if that matters

but from them sticks get the SFV TE2+, from 179.99 GBP, they ship to EU

i havent used TE2’s so cant comment on actual case, im sticking to ps3 which i bought for 3rd strike and hd remix

If you want a stick to mod, consider the Venom, which I know wasn’t on your list but I like more than my Hori V4

I’m gonna second the venom, I don’t have it but it looks pretty good for the price. it also depends on how easy it is for you to get better parts to replace the meh parts it comes with. either that or the hrap 4 kai.

Mad Catz did recently release XInput drivers for the TE2+ and TES+.
Don’t know if that helps in your decision.

Get an Etokki Omni

Thanks for all the suggestions. I went with the TES+. It has a very solid feel, more so then the RAPV. The Venom looks interesting, but it would only save me ~40 bucks if I replace it with all Sanwa part and I would have to deal with the extra hassle with modding, long delivery times for the replacement parts etc. As an added benefit the TES+ also provides SFV drivers for Windows and is easy to mod if I am ever going to try Seimitsu parts.