Help My Friend


I don’t normally do this, but this is a pretty special friend of mine (worthy enough to be considered off limits to the D), and she’s in a world of hurt. She’s pretty much dying from cancer, and is now having trouble even getting to treatments. She ain’t asking for much, and considering I know how many of you fucks waste money on porno, hookers, drugs, Steam, DLC, terrible Japanese games, imported nonsense, hentai, collectibles, comics, and all that crazy nonsense, I’m hoping at least a few of you can spare even one lousy dollar, to help somebody who really fucking needs it.


I thought canada had free healthcare


It does, you still need to drive to the healthcare. Which is hard when you live in rural areas or are dying of cancer. You also have to pay for your meds.

I didn’t ask a single person for a single thing when my house burned down, I’m not that kinda guy. If you can’t afford to help her, oh well, I understand. If you don’t want to, that’s understandable as well. But if you can toss her a dollar or whatever, that’d mean the world to me, and more importantly, her.

I mean, I figured if you fuckers can scrounge up enough cash to send a tranny to Vegas, you can afford to not buy a coffee or a blowjob from a crackwhore for one fucking day, and throw it her way.

edit: fyi if you actually read her story, you’d know this isn’t really a ‘save her life’ fund…probably not going to be a happy ending to this story, unfortunately.