Help, my hole drill is stuck!

Well i want to look this picture to understand my problem…

i was drilling a 3mm plexiglass piece plus 5mm mdf with my 30mm hole saw and i cannot unscrew the saw from the harbor :S (i drill about 18 holes with it)… i’m really pissing of with it (my hands hurts too much and i dont get any good result when i try to unscrew the harbor T_T)…

Someone can give my a hand errr a tip to “how to get unscrew”?

best regards!

put the end of your arbor in some vice grips… then the hole saw should have 2 flat sides where you can get a wrench around it… gonna take some beating but that should get it off…

in the future use some GREASE on the threads of the chuck so it doesnt seize up like that so much.

also it looks like the TEETH on that saw are like WAY fucking fucked… get a new one cuz man it prolly sticks in the wood all the time and jerks it tighter.

I will try with vice grips and no… the teeth of hole saw are pretty fine, the paint on it was removed when i try to remove the arbor mandrel…


Sadly my driller it’s fucked up and dont work on reverse (maybe i should buy a new one):S

update: i open my driller and y set into reverse and i could get the drill out but the hole saw is still stucked on the arbor

I run to the hardware store and u bought these babys:

Also i buy some grease and now all the sh*t is more easier… thanks a lot both of you guys!

two words: Vice Grips