HELP! My Home Button on my TE stoped working!

Hi guys I need some help…
Last night I was about to play some ST4…
and I found out that my home and Turbo button don’t
work any more…But there is the green light …
I dont know what to do…

Is the lock switch engaged?

Check the lock switch.

lol i see threads like these almost every week now xD

TE stick has too many moving parts for some people.

ohhhh nooooeessssssssssss!!! :wow:

No, but seriously instead of making a new thread of my own: What is the cause for my buttons sticking, and then slowing popping back up?

If you pop the buttons out and then use a small screwdriver to pop the plunger out of the button there is probably a buildup of hand funk in there. My fierce button started doing that and firing off at random times. Cleaned it up, good as new.

Here i go then. First time opening up my TE. Thank god for SRK review videos. I know exactly what to look for. thanks ShinJN.

EDIT: I can’t get the quick disconnects out. I’m not going to pull on them. Is there trick to it? I’m using a small screw driver as suggested.

Either use a small flathead screwdriver to go between the microswitch/quick disconnect and then give it a little twist, or be gentle and use needle nose pliers ONLY on the QD, not the wire itself.