Help, My Hori Buttons don't respond

I have one of those PS2 Tekken 4 Hori sticks.
4 out 6 buttons do not work.

Do I need to re-solder them?
Any other things I should watch out for.
I don’t want to screw up the board in any way. I believe I tried that already.

Thanks for anyone who replies.


Did they work for a while then stop, or did they never work correctly?

They been out of it for awhile.
I didn’t use the other buttons because I was using it for SC3 which requires only 4 buttons.

They work from time to time but most of the time they don’t respond at all.
What could be the problem?
I’m going to bring it to a friends house for soldering tomorrow but wanted to know if that was the case.


Unfortunately I have no expertise on stuff like this at all. I’d say take the buttons out and test them with a multimeter. Then take apart the buttons and clean out the inside. When you can be sure the buttons themselves work then address the PCB.

Hori buttons are notorious for dying randomly. Your best bet is probably to just completely replace the buttons (you will need to solder/desolder but it’s not that hard, really). If you don’t mind the quality of the stock buttons, you can probably get some replacements for pretty cheap using the trading outlet, since tons of people here mod their Hori sticks and just leave the buttons to rot.

Or you can mod your stick and upgrade to Sanwa/Seimitsu. It’ll take some time and money, but it’s worth it.

I say mod it with Sanwas, because I don’t think I could ever go back to Hori buttons after touching them…

that’s cool I can do that.
I know this is against the rules but can you guys point me to the right direction about modding the Hori to sanwha. I should look but since I have your attention right now.

Just need to know a guide to modding the PS2 hori and where to buy parts.
There is too many threads and asking is much quicker. Thanks.


Which PS2 Hori do you have?

And I’d recommend either buying from, or (not sure if he’s restocked or not)

You either have a really easy job or a retardedly hard one depending on what stick you have, just warning you…

I have a Tekken 4 stick.

Please say it’s easy.