HELP! My Hori EX2 keeps disconnecting from my xbox

I’m having this problem where my stick temporally disconnects from my xbox. The little message pops up asking me to reconnect the controller and then it goes away. It only happens for a second and then it finds it again. As I’m sure you guys know, one second is long enough to lose the match, so I need some help trying to fix this problem.

I would like to take a serious stab at fixing this guy before I go buy another arcade stick. If you guys are able to help, I wanna open the fucker up and see if I can undo whatever damage was done.


Is your stick modded or is everything stock? If everything is stock it could be a couple of things:

USB Cable
USB Connection
Something shorting in the stick
Faulty PCB

If it’s under warranty you might want to check into having it fixed by Hori. If it’s not under warranty I’d start examining your cable and it’s connections and consider a replacement.

I am starting to have the same problem. It is only when the usb connector gets moved around even slightly it registers as a disconnected controller. usually it finds it right away again but other times I have to fiddle with it a slight bit.

I am guessing the controller is just dying or something and I am going to need to get a new one.

Everything is stock. I think its something shorting. When I opened it up I found some random cat hairs. but besides that it looked pretty good.

I changed the USB dongle thing at the end, its not that. It seems to be just the stick itself. I’ve had the thing for less than 2 years. Seems kinda lame considering its a 90$ stick. Isn’t Hori supposed to be pretty tough?