Help! My Horis Turbo passion

First, i tried it, i tried it for Hours to become him out of this mode, it blinks and blinks, no matter what i do, holding the turbo button and press select etc., nothing worked.

I never turned this Turbo mode on, last weekend i started my ps3 and then it started blinking, i figured then out which button he press all the time = Start button.

Sry for my bad english, but this destroyes me, i have to fix it till next weekend.

Hope that someone can help me, bb


It sounds like the circuit board in your stick has gone bad. You can replace it with a Cthulhu board. Very easy to do, no soldering involved.


…Can I assume from your link that you speak German? I might be able to help a little if you don’t mind my terrible German… :wonder:

hold the turbo button and whichever button you know the turbo is activating. i had the same problem and it finally stopped after 10 minutes of fiddling