HELP! My pc has svc.exe and i dont know how to get rid of it!

anyways someway somehow svc.exe is on my pc and everytime i do a google search and try to go to a site thru google it redirects me to some spam site in a new window

system restore or anti virus?

agreed. system restore is the easiest, but if its persistent, try running these free antivirus/spyware software in safe mode if possible. to get to safemode, reboot and hit F8.


With hijackthis, run it and save a log. go to castlecops and post it and the people will kindly tell you what you need to delete…

good luck.

i tried system restore it didnt fix it and i try to run ad aware and i get some error saying its not a win32 app or something this is seriously pissing me off help!!!

its either that you’re screwed or someone else on srk can fix the problem

You might have to reformat. I had some nasty spyware this week that just wouldn’t go away. I did a system restore and I tried 9 different antispyware and virus programs to no avail. Some spywares are so nasty or so new that they aren’t caught by the antispyware programs. Just make sure you backup anything you need before you reformat.

you don’t have to reformat. system restore probably won’t help because it’s probably gotten into the system restore file. appropriate procedure:

-DISABLE SYSTEM RESTORE (this will delete old system restores and prevent said virus from spreading through system restore. you can re-enable it later)

-Install and run some legit antivirus program. AVG is a good one.

-Install Ad-Aware, Spyware Blaster and Spybot Search & Destroy (all available at

-follow the instructions provided here:

-after doing those instructions, run Ad-Aware and the other 2 programs.

-after you’re sure the virus is no longer on the computer, feel free to reactivate system restore.

is it svc.exe or svchost.exe?

svc.exe is usually used for data collection by marketers for ads and other bullshit, other times it can be really harmful. Either way you are going to wanna get NOD32( and rush that shit down. Thats what I use personally. Or you can always try AVG. And as endlesszeal said, Hijack This is good, especially if you intend to send the log to someone who knows their shit.

Edit: Didn’t see Dreams-Visions post, Follow his advice as well

If you’re running WinXP Professional and none of the other suggestions here are working, you can try denying access to the program. It’s a little advanced, but it works on your run-of-the-mill spyware. If it’s rewriting your programs, setting up hundreds of dummy programs, copying itself and infecting your System Restores you might as well just not bother and format :stuck_out_tongue:

Instructions for denying access in WinXP Professional (Home Edition can’t do this, Vista might but I don’t know how.)

i would suggest grabbing hijackthis putting it on your dying computer, run it(in safe mode), save the log to a floppy/usb/cd and using whatever computer you used to post to post the log at a site such as the previously mentioned castlecops

hopefully someone there will help you out and your dying computer will be cured

DL GGPO and play a real game, like ST. That should cleanse your computer. SvC should not be tolerated anywhere!

Hey now, it may be a bad game but it’s one of only three games I can play Tessa in…

Man I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this at first.

SvC: so bad, it infects your PC if you play it. :rofl:

To OP:
Get NOD32. It’s the best.

Use hijack this, and locate it. If anything, you’re gonna have to find where it’s located manually and erase it then.

FWIW I found dedicated registry cleaning tools best to get rid of persistent problems including spyware and adware. Some of the spy/ad removers didn’t always seem to work for me although in theory they should do.