Help My Stick Won"t Work For Pc But It Works For Ps2

I have a mas super pro stick that works fine on the ps2. Now I just recently bought a firebird ps2 > ps3 Converter and my stick doesnt work on the pc. I’m using mame and i enabled joystick options and the computer recognizes the digital joystick axises. My joystick doesnt work at all on the pc but when i use a ps2 controller on the pc it works fine. Please help I just payed 15 bucks for this adapter and I really want to use my joystick on the pc.

Buy the Pelican PS2 --> PS3 converter and try that on your PC.

I would prefer to not buy another converter as i cant return the one i currently have.

Why can’t you return it? Don’t be cheap, just get the Pelican converter.

Download a program called joy2key. Map the buttons to keys and see if that helps.

Well, there’s your problem.

I have the same problem with the Konami US version beatmania controller on a pelican adapter, so, there’s a chance getting ANOTHER adapter won’t fix the problem.

I’d try to find a pad you CAN use on the adapter and remove the crap MAS PCB/chip and use that instead.

Beatmania controller works with the pelican, you just have to use Joy 2 Key.

I sold him the MAS, and I’ve had no problems using it with the Radioshack converters/pelican converters.

MAS PCBs are fine. It’s probably the converter. What the hell is a Firebird converter?

Thread Solved, pay 15 bucks, and it works, sucks yes? but better than losing your investment completely.

An older release of the Firefox converter. :rofl:

sell that on ebay

Do MAS super pro sticks built for PS2s not work well online? Or is this an isolated phenomena based on his converter? I was thinking of getting a MAS one day.