Help. Naki Universal Stick

Recently I ordered my first stick, this one to be precise.
I found a guide on how to mod it, I know where I’m getting the parts from (gremlin solutions)

But until I get the money together, I’ll use it in its current state.

So I bought a PS2 to PC converter, and assumed it would sync. No get. Anyone got an inkling on why, or how I could mod it to work for me? (I searched.)

I thought it might be a fault with the reciever but I tested it in my original Xbox and DOA3 worked fine.

Also, how possible would it be to get the end result (after modding) to work with PS3, PC, Xbox 360 AND Original Xbox.

(I was thinking of somehow hacking the cabling on the PS2 end to work with PS3, and fashion some kind of adapter but I think this illogical, so how many out of them could I get (I’d be fine with dropping 360/Original Xbox support. But Ideally I’ll keep all the next gens and the PC.)

Just to recap, the things I need in order

  1. Base stick compatibility with PC
  2. Mod stick with higher quality jap parts (I know this step)
  3. Make stick adaptable for PS3, Xbox and PC.

i actually have 2 of those around could you put up the link for how to mod it

Exactly what kind of PS2 to PC converter are you using?

Here’s the guide:

And I’m using a Logic3 PS2 to USB converter. I tried downloading drivers off the site in case it was Windows screwing with it, but no go.

Here’s the link to the converter

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