HELP! Need advice on Fightstick


I bought a 360 Fightpad on Monday and I love it. 10x better than the regular 360 controller. I kept hearing about how good the Fightsticks were. So today I drove 110 miles to get the SE Fightstick. But when I brought it home, I could hardly throw Hadokens, let alone do super and ultra combos. I changed the setting to “Arcade Stick” and it helped a little. I don’t know if it’s me or maybe something is wrong with my stick. I played SF in the arcade a few times when I was a kid, so its definitely something I’m not accustomed to using. Maybe I’m holding the stick wrong with my hand or not just getting the inputs correct. HELP!!!:mad:


take your time to learn. I built myself an arcade box and i have difficulty adapting to it. Just need practice.


Playing on a pad for so long, you build up muscle memory to do moves. Well it’s just going to take some time to build that muscle memory using a stick. Just work with it and give it some time and you’ll get it.


gbonham, don’t fret, it’s just one of those things that takes time. I still occasionally have problems pulling of shoryuken’s every once in a while.

How you hold it varies depending on the type of move you’re trying to pull off. Some grips work better for one type of move and others work better for other types of moves.

I think the SE is a balltop, so that gives you a little more variety in grip types.

Some common grip types are:

palm down, fingers wrapped over the ball

palm facing right, fingers wrapped around the ball

palm up, stick weaved between fingers, fingers wrapped up around the ball


Thanks for the help guys. Looks like I have a long weekend ahead of me.


speaking of which, does it matter which mode you set the stick under? DP/LS/RS ?


Depends on the game. The stick itself works the same way no matter what you set that switch to. It just changes the axis the console sees as input. For SFIV both D-Pad and left analog stick are valid movement inputs, so the stick would work exactly the same on those two settings. The right analog stick is not a valid input IIRC, so SFIV won’t likely respond al all when that switch is set to that RS mode. The stick itself is an 8 way digital input device, so setting it to analog does not make it work like an analog stick. It always registers neutral or fully engaged and never be anywhere in between, even if the switch is set to RS or LS mode.


Gbonham, when you’re executing moves, realize that it takes more effort to hit the diagonals. In my experience, hitting fireballs and dragon punches is hard if I don’t hit the corners during the motion. Try getting Execution Aid for the PC to help you see what your inputs are when using the fightstick.


you just not used to it yet


Another possibility is that you may be used to the HAPP-style joystick, with an octagonal gate for 8-way movement. So, you could try swapping the SE’s joystick out for a Sanwa JLF, paired to a GT-Y octagonal restrictor plate.