Help, need amazing video game music

Tired of new shit in the music industry and all my old mp3 library.

I wanna pump some amazing video game music in my honda prelude.

I listen to silent hill, mega man, shadow of the collossus, persona, double dragon, marvel vs street fighter, castlevania, whatever.
Can u help me and everyone else here find that special song that flew under the radar.

I like if this thread can go forever with people posting the songs from YouTube or links.
I’d appreciate it people. And of course for everyone to appreciate the music too.





Theme of nakoruru from cvs1.
1 of my favorites.


This one is a classic for me on the ps1.
Good times.


Silent hill. Scary times.
I find this song beautiful and emotional still.

If you mainly want instrumentals, GG and BB, KOF soundtracks are cool. If you don’t mind the Anime shit, the ZOE 2nd Runner soundtrack is awesome. The Persona stuff is pretty chill, if that is the mood that you are in.

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