Help - need someone to repair Panzer fight stick

I have a Panzer with a UFB and retro board stack. I tried to update the firmware on the retro board and pulled the solder off the 20pin header on the UFB. I need someone to fix my stick and get the retro board firmware updated. Everyone I’ve talked to so far is either too swamped or doesnt know how to repair sticks. I am in illinois but can ship. Can anyone take this on? Thank you!

Any chance you have pictures? I might be willing to do is and I’m in Indiana so shipping might not be too bad.

Thank you! I did finally find someone and shipped it off to them. If they take a look and cant fix it I’ll hit you up. It was super hard to find someone to work on jt!

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Good to hear. I have a Panzer as well love that thing.