Help needed badly 360 ( wired late mod ) solder points screw up need alt route

Hi guys ,

Im in desperate need at the moment , i screwed up my soldering point on forward solder points on my 360 wired control.
I know some people solder on the points from behind the control . Is this still possible to save my controller ? i have already scraped off the black resin on the copper .

Does anyone have a link to point out where to solder from behind the controller?

im worried ive lost my brand new control and might need to buy a new one.

Any help appreciated!!

thanks for the link jdm , but how do i know the 2 soldering points for a direction ? e.g solder tp32 and tp33 to get LEFT .

if i connect up my stick to the pad and not touching it at all it will be holding down back so my character will always be moving back but when i dont connect to the stick its fine ( touching the wires together ) .