Help needed: C&C on some videos of tourny losses



Hey, okay I’ve only been playing SFIV (and fighting games in general) seriously, with the intent of getting good at them for a few months. My biggest problem is training as I get bored fast, I’ll usually spend 10 minutes training then about an hour in Championship/Ranked mode trying to land the combos against real people.

My biggest problem is learning matchup specific tactics (I’ve read the FAQ on it in here) and also breaking bad habits which work in scrubland but are never going to help me in tournaments.

Here are 2 videos from a recent tourny someone at it uploaded:

Aku v Fei

Aku v Gief

Thing is. Against Giefs in G2 I never have a problem, probably because they abuse the lariat and don’t rushdown. Same goes for Fei, I usually never get beaten by him online (main characters I have problems with are Blanka and Bison)

Any tips would be appreciated. I know I’m scrubby so lets sidestep that. If you could look at the vids and tell me what I should of done at a particular time into the fight it would be great. I got some pointers from a fellow Akuma player at the tourny which have been excellent (he said I abuse tp and demon flip too much which is true, he also showed me how to bait a jump in to land a demon)


Well I’ll talk about the Gief match a bit here with you. It seems you’re set to autopilot when you continuously jump back with air fireballs, let me just say from personal experience if you have to use one fireball against gief, it’s a normal standing fireball. The one space you need to control against him is the horizontal space, if he’s forced to jump to advance then you’re doing something right. With a ton of work on your footsies, combined with fireballs with true intensive purpose, you can get him to make unsafe jumps, which you’ll then punish.

You back yourself into a corner 5 seconds into the round, you’re basically handing the match over at that point. Be concious of greenhand range, i.e. at what range does it whiff and can he spd, at what range will you block it (and get a free punish of choice), and at what range can you actually throw a fireball and be safe even if he uses hand through it.

It seems like most of the problems I see here have nothing to do with the match-up however, and mostly with your fundamentals. Don’t worry about fancy combos and very specific match set-ups until you have a good handle on the spacing/zoning/poking/footsies thing. It’s difficult for me to elaborate. I wish I would have learned those things before all my fancy combos, as I still have problems with the simple stuff today.


Abusing the demon flip isnt too bad because Akuma gets a lot of safe options off of it. Just dont become predictable with it or youll get anti-aired.
I would worry more about sweeping. You sweep a little too much with him.
Also, you need to take more time working your combos. At 59 seconds into the youtube of your Zangief fight you hit Zangief close with the second kick of Akumas double roundhouse.
Then you tried sweeping.
You need to work on linking that into c.LK -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
EDIT: Also try working on using Demon to punish. You missed a lot of ultra opportunities VS Gief.


Is Gief not suceptible to sweeps during lariat? I could have swore he was. If so you had a few opportunities to sweep him you could have taken advantage of.

Also, while I’m mainly a Ken player, I’ve dabbled in the dark arts of Akuma and there is a Ken strat vs. Gief which also rings true here: If Gief ever leaves the ground, Air Hurricane Kick will knock him right back into his corner. This is a VERY useful tool against Giefs.

I’m afraid I can’t offer too much against Feis, but as I watched your match, I was thinking: Needs more throws.


Against Fei-Long you need to be careful with his pokes. They don’t reach too far out but they are very quick. Baiting out his flame kick will allow you to punish with what you want. You often lock yourself up in the corner which puts in you a very bad spot with Fei.

If Fei gets you in the corner you better teleport out because he can pressure you pretty good with his block strings and very fast overhead.

You should also work on your block strings. Mashing crouching short doesn’t really make your opponent second guess what you will do. Go for some crouching jabs and forwards mixing in a hadouken or a demon-flip mixup. Get your anti-air fixed with a well timed and spaced shoryuken or a crouching fierce.

If Fei long throws out a rekka and you block it, that’s a free reversal for you. And chill out with some of your random Ex-Demon Flips. Full screen Ex-Demonflips stopped working around March… unless you bait an opponent with a hadouken that he jumped over.


Plucked from a past thread:

You definately gotta work your approach to the match from the ground up. You immediately backed yourself into the corner which is one of the worst things you can do even when you’re an expert at the match.

Chucking desperation Tatsu’s is another thing to go. Not a worthwhile idea vs. Zangief. If he doesn’t feel like beating it clean with Lariat he can instead block the whole thing and then punish with his Ultra.

Leave the offensive jump-ins out unless you know exactly what you’re doing, lariat beats open cross-ups all day. Take a turtle approach and bait him into making rushed moves to gain ground. If you’re jumping back with full height air fireballs at the other end of the field, he’s gaining way too much stage ground for free.

Consider the distance you are at “Fight!” as range 3: you want to space yourself about range 3.5 or 4. Use fireballs to set up traps for him. If he wants to Lariat them, take a step in and sweep. If he’s jumping from this range you should be ready to AA him. Watch his feet, if he’s not ducking in sweep range then sweep him. If he’s taking steps forward from further out or dashing in then step-in a touch and sweep.

Be ready for Green Hands, if they’re spaced to be blocked then block and punish, if they’re spaced to whiff in your face then either whiff punish them quickly (you can still sweep him mid-animation btw) or get the hell outta there. Don’t get caught in those deadly headlights!

He’s got to make the moves, and you’ve got to cut them off.

Red fireballs at long range are lariat bait, LP Shakunetsu’s can be followed up by EX Demon Flip if they’re prepared to do that.


EX Flips should only be used as a punishing tool not a way to set up offense. Generally you should stay grounded except when the situation calls for it.

Now against Gief your biggest problem was your zoning. You only seemed to be able to do HP Air Fireball. If all you do is purple rain then you will become the artist formally known as Akuma. You need to use your ground fireballs and also angle your air fireballs better. If Gief is having to do aerial acrobatics to even get close to you then it limits his entry options. Remember a good zoning game isn’t so much about keeping the other guy away, it is more about making the other character approach you on your terms.


Haha! LoyalSol, you are my hero. :stuck_out_tongue:


Giefs tend to lariat whenever theyre jumped in on, so knowing this, demon flip kick onto the top of his head to score a combo.

Just an easy combo for starters: Dflip + K,, fb. gives you good dmg, and proper spacing if you are blocked.


Nothing I can really contribute that hasn’t been said before. Stop playing flowchart air fireball Akuma against Gief. When you land a demon flip kick, follow up with HP, lk Tatsu, DP. It’s free damage that you’re giving away. If you think he’s going to green hand in, bait, block, and punish.


Thanks for all the tips. Yeah I’m having to consciously stop myself from running away and jumping. I’ve begun recording my matches with FRAPS now and watching them back. In the heat of battle I never actually notice how formulaic my tactics are. Maybe I should play as another character for a bit who doesn’t have as many “get out of jail free” cards. What do you think? Should I move over to Ryu or another shoto for a bit to work on my ground fireball game?

Zoning is definitely something I’ve put very little time into. Most of my training time goes on practising combos. How should I go about practising zoning though?

Anyway, they uploaded 2 more matches from the tourny. Again would appreciate c&c. All the advice so far has been great.

Aku v Bison

Aku v Honda


Honda you have to be extremely patient. his normals are too godlike for you to just blindly rush in over and over again. Play the boring game, you have the advantage if you just zone him out with nice spacing & fireballs. Don’t throw air fireballs unless they’re really early or late, and from far away, so you can cover your decent to the ground and not get taken out by the super damaging headbutts.

The bison match is weird. It looked accidental but you actually punished a couple of his attempts, good shit :rofl:

Just walk back against bison, bait out headstomp/purple hand, punish with c.MK -> combo of choice (or aa demon). you can punish any psychocrusher with demon on block as well. Don’t have much else to say about this match, my knowledge is pretty weak.


There’s a couple of ineffective offensive loops I see you repeating over in every vid.

You’re abusing the sweep hardcore at all ranges, but it’s -9 on block. If you sweep at the tip of its range then it pushes them away too much to punish, but the way you’re using it; if the opponent is conscious to punish they can sweep you back on block with most sweeps in the game, and -9 is enough for the average Super or Ultra to punish on block also.

The potential for you to cancel out of sweep recovery into an Ultra that can run through many options to punish it if you anticipate a punish attempt correctly probably has them give the sweep the benefit of the doubt, but this is not helping your fundamentals so I suggest you drop this kind of utility for it.

When you want an abusive low poke like that from deeper than the tip of the sweep range, then get used to relying on cr.MK into a fireball instead. That’s 5 frames, safe, does about the same damage and stun, (minus the knockdown) it pushes them back and it chips on block. What you want to be using the sweep at the tip as a punisher if they whiff or to trip them trying to walk in on you.

You keep going for the sweep after the double roundhouse but it’s useless. Start working on linking from the 5 frame hit advantage with cr.MP or cr.LK instead to lead to the basic combo. You want to get that to high consistency. the cr.MK to fireball poke can actually be linked to this with tight timing also so you can ditch the sweep here altogether if you’re ready for that.

I keep seeing low short x3 followed by a cross attempt with jumping short repeated as a block string in your matches, but it doesn’t seem to be working out to well. I recommend getting used to crossing up with j.MK as it’s hit box makes it lenient and it grants a beefier hitstun for confirming into combos.

I also recommend getting to grips with this concept for safely hit confirming into combos from your jump-ins and cross-ups:

Go to training mode, set the dummy to random block, get used to using your jumping attacks, (Dive Kick, j.HK and j.MK cross-up) and immediately follow with cr.MP.

When the jump attack hits and cr.MP strings from it, go into LK Tasu to HP Shoryu. Does good damage. When the jump atttack is blocked, do nothing. (you’re at +2 on block, btw)

Keep in mind that only the Dive Kick from the Demon Flip stands them up on hit, if your other jump attacks hit them ducking then the LK Tatsu will whiff over them as they are crouched. For these, particularly crossing up with j.MK, you may want to incorporate cr.HP as the hit confirm also. This combos off the jump attack and stands them up on hit (and block, I think) for the Tatsu to combo. The hit stun on cr.HP is also beefier to give you more time to confirm the hit or block and the damage is better still. The drawback is that you’re not safe when it’s blocked, it goes into the same spot as the sweep with the Ultra vs. punish guess game.

The 3 low shorts are no good to hit confirm into anything to be useful. When you get the cr.MP link from the double roundhouse sorted, start working on this as your block string:

cr.LP, cr.LP (on hit) cr.MP into LK Tatsu or whatever. The window for the cr.MP link should be the same as it is with the double roundhouse. You can replace the first cr.LP with a cr.LK anytime you want to start with a low rather than just to help confirm something after interupting or whatever… and execution still remains the same.

cr.LP, cr.LP (on block) go with a tick throw, cr.MK into fireball to poke/chip or try to cross-up or whatever.

I suggest taking a bit of time to pick up Ryu casually for a while to get to grips with the raw fundamentals, Akuma has extra strats to spare when you get back. Ryu’s sweep isn’t as abuseable as Akuma’s so you get a real opportunity to fully work with cr.MK to fireball full-time rather than scrubbing out and going back to the sweep when you get lazy or desperate.

Once you return to applay the same things to Akuma’s game, you’ll find things are a ittle different, some tactics are more or less successful than with Ryu and Akuma has to approach it a bit differently. Akuma has number of additional abilities to help you expand into another dimension on what you get to grips with when using Ryu.

Use this to get to work with upgrading your zoning and footsies, etc:


It’s a very helpful video.


If working on your fireball game is what you want to practice, then you might as well have ended that sentance with Ryu.

Ken’s fireball game is no match for Sagat/Akuma/Ryu; Ken players typically concentrate on other ways to zone and space out the opponent, and even then only occasionaly because Ken relies on getting in your face and playing agressively a lot of the time.


Hey, thank you so much for this. Really helped me out. I’m trying to not use sweep now at all, unless it’s after a whiff.

The x3 low short followed by a crossup attempt is me screwing up the tatsu. For some reason, whatever motion I’m using, I go for the LK tatsu and end up doing
LK demon flip. It’s a pain. I think it’s because of the srk motion shortcut, when I bring the stick down to do QCB I must be bringing it forward too much.

Also, yeah, I really need to hit confirm more. After a EX demon flip I go right into the LK tatsu combo.


Yea just play a good ground game aganist thos types of match ups


Here’s a video I recorded myself and uploaded:


Even though it’s a win it’s very sloppy. Having the option of tp has ruined my knowledge of block strings for crossups.

If anyone here wants to spar against me and give me pointers in game my GFWL ID is: leimrod. Can use skype or vent if you want.


In general, limit your use of against chun li. It’s a good move, but the amount you’re supposed to use it depends on your opponent. She goes under the second hit almost always.

Actually before I even try and get into gameplay details…

Ultima commented earlier that you seem to be on auto pilot. It is clear to me that this is the case after watching this video.

EVERYTHING you do should have a purpose. If you have this mind set from now on you are GUARANTEED to get better. This is a fact. Your reasons and purposes may not be the best in the beginning, but through experience your decision making will become better and so will your reasons for doing what you do. Play with purpose or you are guaranteed to be stuck at a mediocre level for a loooong time.

At this point in time that is the best advice for you. Telling you to “turtle chun li down” and to “not get into a mid range battle with her superior pokes” isn’t going to help you at this point in time. This is the kind of stuff that will help you AFTER you stop autopiloting and start playing with purpose.

You learn to play with purpose through experience and through watching videos and through doing your research on Akuma. Study his normals and watch videos of players such as Momochi, Kanbara, Edma, Tokido, etc and study their reasoning. Why did that work? Why did his opponent fall for that?

When you start asking yourself these questions you will awaken the beast within.

That didn’t come off as mean did it? Hope not. I gots love for you homie, but right now you need to turn your swag on. I’m not seeing the swagger aura on your Akuma. You’re not glowing right now.


With Gief, you went into run away mode right at the start. If you notice, Gief did a green hand at the start, if you held your ground, that would of been at least a free HP Dragon Punch. The Gief match is about zoning as stated by the above posters.

You need to know your demonflip ranges instead of burning meter on EX flip when it isnt needed.

Standing Roundhouse: Every time you used a st. HK (hit or miss) you did a cr.HK after. This is not optimal. If it hit’s, use links like to extend into more damaging combos. ( A standard BnB combo starting with HK: st.HK,, lk.tatsu, HP Dragonpunch). If the HK is blocked, sometimes it is best to nothing or just backdash to see what the other person does.

Learn safer combos. I saw you do demonflip dive kick,, lk.tatsu, HP DP. You did this on hit and block. The problem with that combo is that it is very hard to hit confirm off it, meaning that it does not give you enough time to see if it hits before you do the hurricane kick, and a blocked hurricane kick is bad news for Akuma.

Instead try DF divekick, cr.lp, cr.lp,, lk. tatsu, HP DP. With this combo you have enough time to see if it hits or gets blocked. If it gets block, instead of finishing with tatsu, HP.DP, you finish with a hadoken. The combo then becomes divekick, cr.lp, cr.lp,, hadoken.

From the matches I saw you just lack fundamentals (spacing, BnB combos, taking advantage of knockdowns). That stuff comes with practice in training mode and lots of losses. Take what you learned in training into matches, there you will see where and when to use it, what works and what doesnt, and what needs improving. Fighting games are about constantly improving yourself.


in our matches that we played before 5 min.

let me one thing tell (i think i wrote you 3 times the same shit on gfwl)


you defeanse game is good but the offense sucks =)