Help needed ! dreamcast sticks to PS3

i know there are posts about it. i took me 3+ hours on the forum and trying to read and finds posts, but i am really confused here. i just need some help.

so i have 2 joysticks from dreamcast and i would like it to work on my ps3. what is the simplest way of doing it? i have read the UPCB post and did not really understand it because im not really familiar with those stuffs.

any help would be much appreciated. thanks!!!


after 2 more hours of searching i found this

it is a DC–>USB
it has a very bad review so im wondering if works, and if it does, what else need to be done in order me to plug it into ps3? thanks again


I definitely wouldn’t recommend that, it honestly looks like you’re not going to be able to go from down-up (no flash kick, up kick, wall dive, devil’s reverse) or left right (every other charge attack?) instantly, which means that you’re going to get owned if you play anything other than a shoto.

And even then, I have a feeling that that’s only the tip of the iceberg in regards to problems with that adapter.

If you’re really REALLY attached to that stick, you’re going to want to basically gut it and put in a PS3 PCB, which is another adventure all in it’s own.

Just get a new stick, honestly.

actually i got it to work. but thanks ne ways