Help Needed Finding A Specific Paint Color


I’m looking to paint the sides of my TE to match the Dark Blue OSBF-30 and Dark Blue Meshball. I prefer to have a matching color rather than painting the sides of the TE black.

Does anyone know of a good matching paint?

I don’t have the parts in person so I only have online samples of the buttons and paint to judge from. Needless to say, that’s not going to be very reliable.

Thanks in advance.


I suggest going to a a custom auto body shop and seeing how much they would charge. They can color match anything.


What do you think about HVP102?
Tuner Blue.

Here you see manman.


rtdzign: not a bad idea. I’ll have to see if my 20 year old airbrush is still working though

jdm714: That’s not bad, but sanwa’s dark blue seems to lean towards the violet a little more than the green side. It throws it off a bit, but I may still consider that.