Help needed for a novice Denjin user!



Ok. I’ve just switched from Shinku to Denjin, and so far so good. I’ve used the back throw, jab Shoryu and lk Tatsu as set ups so far, with good results. However, I feel that Ryu’s predictability works against me sometimes, as the opponents start seeing the set-ups better and stopping them.Today,an Akuma player warped just as he got up,evading the Denjin. Was that my fault? Any more intricate set-ups you guys recommend?


I recomend not to use denjin against Akuma, a good akuma will allways do that. What you can do is throw it so that it overlaps on him when he wakes up, and besides it’s akuma, so even a couple of denjin hits work wonders


Hmmm…Let me see if we get each other: You’re telling me to throw it so that it’s pretty much on him as he wakes up,right? I did just that,but he still managed to 'port out of the way! Unless you were telling me to do something else…


I think if Akuma does it right he can always get out, although you can make it very difficult for him. More times than not I hit Akuma players with a well timed fireballXX denjin on wake up. It’s not as bad as some other counters though, Alex using stun gun and Makoto with SA2 are probably the most devastating. Yang can always escape with his SA2 super as well.

I still use Denjin vs. Akuma. There’s many situations where you just need 2-3 hits and he’s dead. Example, you parry an attack, do standing fp, fwd side kick. Now half his stun bar just went down the drain and he’s usually in the corner. Now if he simply blocks an attack, he’s dead (any attack chained into DP, release after 2 hits, he can’t warp out). Or if he’s just standing around like a jackass just throw fireballXXdenjin at him, if he whiffed an attack he’s going to be forced to parry (usually red parry). You can also do a 100 percent stun combo on him off a jump in (J.FP, d.FPxxdenjin, release 2 hits) 4 hit stun combo :wasted:

There’s still many uses against Akuma since his stun bar is so shitty.


for akuma, a denjin while he’s blocking/hitstunned works wonders (like c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, Hadou xx Denjin


All right,thanks for the feedback,everyone! Guess there’s more to Denjin that meets the eye… Are there characters you recommend I DON’T use it against,though?


If you’re fighting Akuma or Yang, I would just use SAI and spam EXs. They have low life so you don’t need the big damage from Denjin as much as you would against other characters of higher health.


But how would you handle Akuma’s offense then? I use the Denjin against him because I have trouble finding openings in his offense. He’s so much quicker that I can hardly handle him,but when I stop him it’s always Denjin-> j.fierce->c.fierce-> lk tatsu for massive damage. Two openeings and he’s dead.


Use the search next time


Akuma has a better offense and defense than ryu, but ryu deals a lot of damage and stun (big problem for akuma). I’ve always felt you needed to be really patient and pick your spots well in this match up (yah I know, ryu always has to be played this way). The openings are in the hurricane kicks, if you can punish them properly. and repell demon flips with uppercuts, parry dive kicks and punish.


Denjin Set Ups:
cr.short x’s 2, dash back, Jab hado xx denjin
Nuetral Throw, LP Hadou XX Denjin
Directional Throw, Dash x’s 2, Jab Hadou xx Denjin
cr.forward xx any srk xx denjin
Cl.Forward/Cl.Strong/Standing Fierce xx Short Hurricane Kick/Forward Jugon Kick, dash, Jab hadou xx denjin
Cr.forward/cr.strong xx short hurrican kick, dash, jab hadou xx denjin
Anti-Air Set Up: Standing RH if it hits dash up , jab hadou xx denjin
Anti Air Set Up: Standing RH if parried instantly go into denjin and launch.

Denjin Enders: Jump in Fierce, Cr.Fierce, RH Hurricane Kick
Jump in Fierce, Standing Fierce, Forward Jugon Kick

Uh…that’s all the enders I can think of actually. Lol.

Hope that helps. I’ll updates this more if I can think of anything,

Denjin is crazy good/fun/useful. It’s basically a tool box.

Use cr.strong and standing forward or standing roundhouse for gauge building.

You might have to use an EX Hado or two before you can get your footing with you opponent. But it’s totally worth it in the end.

EDIT: Since you’re new. I’ll put down the definitions for things, just incase you don’t get it.

Jab = Low Punch
Strong = Medium Punch
Fierce = Fierce Punch
Short = Low Kick
Forward = Medium Kick
Round House = Fierce/Heavy Kick
St. = Standing
Cl. = Close
Cr. = Crouching
J. = Jumping
P = Punch
K = Kick
XX = Cancel
SJ = Super Jump
SJC = Super Jump Cancel
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards
HCF = Half Cirlce Forward
HCB = Half Circle Backwards
SRK = Shoryuken Also known as Z-Pattern
Hadou-Ken = QCF + Any P (Can be EXed)
Jugon Kick = QFC + Any K (Only Short, Forward and EX Combo)
Hurricane Kick = QCB + Any K (Can be EX’ed)
Denjin-Hadou-Ken = QCF x’s 2 + Any And hold P Rotating the joystick in a 360 motion fastens the charge time.
Shoryuken = + Any P (Can be EX’ed) * I also don’t know how to explain the motion. I’m use to saying SRK or Z-Patern*

Now onto Moves that bring good stun in case they have a huge stun meter (Hugo/Alex/Dudley to name a few) or no stun tacked on them (which is a rarity, but just in case)
Neutral throw
ANY Hurricane Kick (LK usually cause it’s a good wiff punish)
ANY SRK (Again, preferably LP since it has the least recovery)
ANY Jougen kick (although LK, MK, and EX are the only combo able variations.)
Standing HK (Anti-Air, Poke or Counter Poke)
Standing HP (Read HK)
crounching HP Anit-Air/Counter Poke.
Crouching LK. Not only does sufficent stun but can set up for or nuetral throw.
F.MP 2 hit over head doing beefy stun, if done meaty the second hit hits and can

Hope that helps

-Mr. Hayden


Sorry,but the search feature always turns up a blank page on my laptop. I don’t know why. It works fine from other comps.


Thanks for the feedback! Those sound cool…I’ll try 'em out soon enough! You didn’t need to put in the definitions,though…I’m not THAT new! But thanks again!