Help needed. I'm trying to wire UltraStik 360 to Madcatz Xbox 360 fightpad


Hello fellow gamers. I’m in need of some help. I’m trying to MOD SF4 Xbox 360 fightpad for my Xbox 360 into a joystick. I have a Pelican Real Arcade that I’m using the control panel for the casing. I have some Happ/IL push buttons I’m changing as well. My Joystick of choice is a UltraStik 360. I’ve looking around trying to find out how to wire joystick to a controlpad PCB. Can someone help me out?



i’m assuming you’re talking about the madcatz fightpad? here is the guide to the PCB:

this thread will help you out, particularly the second page.

edit: after reading more specifics on the Ultimarc website and seeing some installation photos such as this (the USB end isn’t attached to anything), it looks like you might not even need a PCB. the Ultimarc actually has an input on the stick itself, and they sell a wiring harness that lets you attach up to eight buttons to the stick, while the USB output goes straight to the computer. this could potentially work on an xbox, i would try this first. if it doesn’t work, you will have to go the soldering route.

more info from :

"There is an auxiliary connector on the UltraStik that can be used in input mode or output mode. Input mode allows you to connect up to 8 buttons and these buttons will be reported as game pad buttons to the PC. This feature can save you from requiring a keyboard encoder, or allow you to use one with fewer inputs on it. Ultimarc offers an optional prewired harness for this purpose.

Output mode allows you to connect the UltraStik to a keyboard encoder or actual arcade hardware. This allows the UltraStik to be used on hardware where a USB port isn’t present or perhaps on software that does not support a game pad. If the emulator you are using handles a game pad poorly, it allows you to report keystroke directions like a traditional switch based joystick if you have an encoder. The same harness for input mode can be used for output mode too. Note that you can’t send maps or configure the joystick when it is hooked up via output mode only (no USB). You would need to configure it first using USB, and then put it in place on a system without USB."


It will definitely not work on an XBox 360 like that.


im sure you could load the map prior to using it on your xbox, They say compatibility with original arcade hadware, so its not like the usb connection has to be in use all the time.


oh yeah, forgot that there are security issues with the Xbox 360. looks like there’s a bit of a problem here, as there clearly aren’t any switches on the stick itself… does the documentation mention anything about using it with “arcade controls”? i’m starting to think that you might have to call or e-mail Ultimarc’s tech support for this and ask if there’s a way to get it to work on the Xbox.


It sounds like you just set it to output mode and wire it up like a normal joystick with a harness.

Does your model have a harness or 5 pin connector on it?


I’m still waiting on joystick in mail so I don’t know. I think it’s a five pin and the harness comes with it as a option. I Just wanted to be ready when it comes. I’ve done my research on my parts and this info will help me better. Thanks also.


Thanks. I plan to wire it through a gamepad because I need more than 8buttons anyway. I want to have the triggers,back,start, and guide button installed also. I hope this is a possible mod.


I got my UltraStik 360 joystick today. I though harness would be included but it wasn’t so I just brought one off ebay. Sofar the joystick has a usb connector and a 9-pin connector where the harness go. I can see at the bottom of joystick the solder points if i wanted to solder without a harness but I ratter use the harness. I just would need to know what color is what. I know black is ground but what would red,white,blue etc mean? Hopefully the harness wire come with instructions. This is really looking promising one I have everything together.



Everything you need is listed here:
under "Use of the 10-pin I/O port "

No matter what, you’ll have to connect power and ground. After that, you have a choice of either using Grey and Violet to control one of the analog sticks, or use the four digital direction pins to control the dpad. You can probably get away with the analog stick control if you’re using a non-common ground pad, but you have to have a CG pad to use the four lines to control the dpad.


Thanks Toodles. Yeah I noticed that from site also and that’s why I put a order in for a harness. As for the analog could I use a switch device to switch between digital and analog? I’m using a SF4 fightpad for my PCB. Maybe a dual wiring on the PCB of the SF4 fightpad since it dose have a switch between digital and analog on it.