Help needed on old x-box console


after a few years on my xbox i started getting an error message with the number 11 on the screen when i turned it on and after inactivity like for a week it works as normal till about an hour and then the error message comes back and when once this happens again it refuses to come on and only shows this message, on a website i found that error 11 stands for the hard-drive not being recognised and i was advised to do a couple of things , firstly to get a lens cleaner which has not made a differnce and secondly to replace the hard drive but with the cluster of all the new 360 hardware you can not find any for the old xbox and even if i did i am not tech savvy and how would i be able to fot one of these in.
I need help in fitting in the hard drive and if not if someone can help me with a link where i can get help in having it replaced or a diagram so i can know what it is i am looking for


i think the old xbox consoles just use a standard IDE hard drive (like any old computer would have)


You can use a standard pc harddrive with the Parallel-ATA connector, however XBox harddrives are locked by default and have a harddrive key to prevent tampering.

That being said it is not impossible to replace your drive, if you happen to live in the Netherlands let me know and i can help you out with replacing your harddrive.


No @ Netherlands :sad:


hmmm, too bad… :frowning:

Though the only help i can offer you is this.
Go to google and look for “Xbox replacing harddrive”, there are a lot of articles explaining the whole deal and you can even find some which can make a nice media center out of your standard box.

Mind though you cannot use live under that condition risking a ban if you do try to connect.
Still if you only replace the drive and keep it in a normal state then there should be no worries.

If you are going to undertake this operation, try to purchase a new harddrive which doesn’t offer too much harddrive space because the stock drive was limited to 8GB’s anyway.

Hope you can do something with this information, i did it myself as well when my xbox died on me 3 weeks ago it’s not that hard really but it requires some reading and understanding how it works.


ok, thanks balletje


My two Xbox’s have a 250GB and a 120GB drive. People go larger than that…

Like he said, the harddrive in your Xbox is locked to the console. You would need to extract the original key from the drive to replace it, which may not be doable in the event that it’s malfunctioning.

If you get a mod chip for it then you can use a standard IDE drive. If you aren’t looking for something so involved call up Microsoft and ask them what they will charge to service it.


What Terry says is true, you can have a larger harddrive than 8GB’s.

Don’t know exactly about the banning part there then, i kept mine off Live anyways so not a big concern there. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I meant what Kyle said was true, lol @me for not looking properly before posting!


From what I recall, the first time you sign into Live it records the size of your drive. If you sign in with a larger drive after that then I believe it’s a criteria for banning.

I didn’t use Live on the original Xbox but I do on the 360. There’s no compelling reason (Final Burn) to mod the 360 since I’m not interested in piracy. I’d be inclined to mess with it if there was an easy way to change the region for imports.