Help needed on the loose center of a LS-32

I have seen the FrancoB mod to the pivot and actuator. I think he turns them on a lathe or 3d prints them. I have seen the youtube videos where people wrap electrical tape around the actuator to make it bigger. electrical tape is pretty cheesy. FrancoB is not selling these things as far as I know. he just made 2 or 3 sets by hand.

so now I’m thinking of cutting up another actuator or shaft cover and super glueing it to the stock actuator. it should fit like a glove and add 2mm all around.

also I have read that part of the loose feel is from the spring moving side to side around the shaft and inside the actuator. I might need to mod the spring seat also.

so for all you stick modders that have one of every joystick in the house, can you please tell me the outside diameter of the ls-32 actuator on the small end. and if you have any other actuators that can be used as a sleeve to pad out my ls-32 actuator, please tell me what stick you got it from or where I can get it.

P.S. this is for shmups, not fighting games.

I used shrink tubing on my JLF actuator and a heat gun. after a few applications the actuator warped from the heat and the jlf is dead until i get a larger metal actuator from kowal march15th. i bought an LS32 and tried it also but found it would stick in certain directions. I found that the stock action on that stick is much better than the jlf and as such removed the heat shrink tubing from actuator. have you tried the LS56 or new LS58. I hear they’re great for shmups.

tigermaskchi, are you referring to the neutral wobble that LS-32s have?


the stick is so loose in the center. nothing is really holding it. there is 1mm or more on all sides of the actuator before it even touches a leaf on the microswitch. I just found Kowal’s post and I will be buying some of those to see what I can do with it. I still have a JLF and a unmodded paewang. I’ll probably use one on the JLF and one on the ls-32 after I drill it out for the ls-32 shaft.

teflon or nylon tubing would be great but I need to take precise measurements and I don’t have a caliper like this

Vernier calipers cost $5-10 on the net. Get a pair.

Yeah, that’s just how LS-32s are. It’s why I looked for other options after I had mine installed for a year. I recommend trying out the LS-40. The engage distance is a hair shorter, but it definitely doesn’t suffer from the wobble.

Some users of the LS-58-01 are saying that’s another option to consider, too. It feels most like an LS-40 in stock condition (no mods to the LS-58) according to some owners.

I’ve used both the LS-40-01 and LS-32-01. Each has their vices… You learn to live with them.

The LS-32 sometimes briefly “pops” when it hits the gate hard. You’ll get used and eventually not do this much anymore.
The LS-40 has a naturally looser feel but engages a bit faster than the LS-32. Doesn’t have the tendency to pop like the LS-32 does. Some people still can’t get used to the LS-40 because of its stock feel.

I’d almost give the LS-32 the edge… It seems a bit more versatile. Easy to tweak the tension. LS-40 – not so much. You’re pretty much stuck with the stock tension. You really can’t add another spring to the LS-40. LS-32 and LS-40 both use the LS-32 spring; like I said before you can tweak the tension on the -32 but not so much the LS-40… it just doesn’t have the room for another spring.

LS-58 is basically a re-engineered LS-56 but uses a looser/less tense spring. Yes, you can use the old LS-56 spring if you like it better. Should be possible to buy the LS-58 spring separate from the joystick on’s website at least.

GeorgeC, thanks for the information. from your description. it sound like I would like the ls-40 even more. everyone says ls-32 is the best for shmups but I’m not really there yet till I fix the wobble. the ls-40 gate, actuator and shaft all look a little cheap compared to the slightly thicker parts on the ls-32. I will be buying a caliper for $9 on ebay soon. I was thinking I might be able to use something bigger as condom for my ls-32 actuator. like a JLW actuator glued to a ls-32 actuator. who sells parts like that?

UPDATE: [media=youtube]6rHzfx8QXR8[/media]

there is a guy who will make you any actuator you want to your specs. similar to what kowal does but this is totally custom for just one piece.

virtvic also made a cool Joystick called Virtstick.

I saw something on’s blog but he never mentioned virtvic as the maker. then on another forum he talks about it but no pictures. so I guess that I have seen it before but now that you told me I know what it is. I’ll be contacting virtvic very soon.

You can always mod the LS-32 with parts from LS-40 like what Ikagi-chan’s thread LS-32 modification tutorial, “Project LS-36”