Help needed please with 360 Mad Catz TE S not working

I have a Xbox Mad Catz SSFIV TE S stick that I’ve had put away and not used for years since I got a PS4 and sold my 360, it was working fine when I last used it. I know that there were always some issues getting it to work with my old PC and I had to use Xpadder to get it working correctly. However now when I plug it in to my current PC I get a message saying “Power surge on the USB port, unknown USB device needs more power than the por can supply” and it appears dead, and also when I tried plugging it in to a friends 360 it appeared dead too. Is there anything that I can do to fix it? Also as I have a PS4 is it possible to convert it to a PS3 stick instead by switching the PCB? I do have a PS3 TE stick (white model 8818), would it be easy to switch over the internals to get it working with supported PS4 games at least? I know that the PS3 TE had it’s own issues with working on PCs I believe. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.