Help needed to repair my mas super pro stick


To make a long story short, I basically have a broken mas systems super pro stick. Its compatible with the xbox 360 ps1/ps2 dreamcast, pc, and ps3. So the xbox 360 recognized when the controller when it is plugged in but all that happens is when i plug it in the character jumps straight up in fighting games for example. The buttons or stick don’t respond. So all im wondering is if some one can please give me a diagram of a typical mas super pro stick or pictures of the insides with the wiring going to the correct places. I believe I can fix it on my own but with a few diagrams of where the wires are supposed to go and some guidence. The reason that the wires are out of place, well some of them at least, is that i made several attemps at fixing this problem and failed and removed wires and attached soddered some to the wrong places which is why i desparately need a diagram or pictures and maybe some help on how i can fix this issue. So if any one is so kind to do so that would be great, and once again thank you for your time good people of shoryuken.


Why not just follow the circuitry and wire it on your own. It’s not really that hard you just have to look.


see i forgot the original layout and put the wires in different places to correct a previous problem with the stick, because before it just stopped totally working it thought that one button served the purpose of two and another button did the same. So to fix that i tried to wire it with some disconected wires to where i thought they went and well it worked, but instead of woking for the dreamcast as well it only worked for the 360. So i made if back to the same and it now worked for the dreamcast but not the 360. So to try to fix this problem i tried to put the wires where i thought they would go. Its a big complicated mess no real point in getting into that any way, but the point is is that it doesnt work and id really love some help thanks.


Well i’ve never actually seen the PCB but im sure you could contact the company that made it and ask for it. but what I was referring to was that I thought the buttons werent working.


oh thats cool.