Help needed understanding Adon's frame data

I’ve looked at the frame data in the wiki Adon (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki and I’ve read a helpful article on Eventhubs which explained most of it, but I still have a few queries that I wanted to run past you guys.

All of the following are with regards to U2.

In the Start Up column, why are there two numbers? What does 1+9 mean?

In the Active column, the numbers are 4(6)5(23)2 - does this mean that is has 4 active frames of animation for the first hit if that lands, but 6 if it whiffs and so on?

Recovery has two figures - 25+38. I can’t begin to guess what this means. :shake:

Oh, and there’s one more thing. For JT EX in Start Up it has ???7 - does this mean they think it’s 7 frames, but can’t be sure?

I appreciate the help guys.

(Start Up) The 1 is the frame before the freeze and the 9 being how long the move takes to start up after the flash, giving a total of 10 start up frames.

(Active) No. The 4 does represent the first set of active frames, however the 6 is always present, as it is the frames between hits of a multiple hit special move. So those 6 frames are a stage of the move where no hitbox is active after the initial hitframes have passed and before the next start up.

(Recovery) Although I’m not exactly sure with Adon, generally those second set of frames indicate a set period of recovery tacked onto moves which are blocked. Take for instance Cammy’s Cannon Spike, as after it is blocked, she always bounces back to the ground in a controlled arc, a recovery phase which isn’t present in the normal animation for a move. In short, if you whiff the move it will continue to the animation’s completion, the normal process of executed moves, but if it is blocked in will go into an additional phase of recovery as almost a punishment.

(Final Start Up Question) That is a problem I’ve found plaguing the lower tier character’s frame data. Whoever transcribed the original figures was not precise, and the translations are often off. I honestly think this contributes to the lack of understanding of a lot of these characters. The only real way to know is to download a torrent of the SSFIV hitbox and frame data and go through frame by frame in Quicktime or a program which offers comparable control. If you can’t find a working link, I could probably upload the Adon vids for you.

Hope that answers your questions, ask if you need any clarification!

ive always found the numbers a bit confusing. Although I didnt ask the questions, thank you for responding. Only reason I never asked is because I figured nobody knew haha!
Its helpful to know the above :smiley: