Help needed understanding frame data please


I’ve looked at the frame data in the Shoryuken Wiki and I’ve read a helpful article on Eventhubs which explained most of it, but I still have a few queries that I wanted to run past you guys.

The following three questions are with regards to Adon’s U2.

In the Start Up column, why are there two numbers? What does 1+9 mean?

In the Active column, the numbers are 4(6)5(23)2 - does this mean that is has 4 active frames of animation for the first hit if that lands, but 6 if it whiffs and so on?

Recovery has two figures - 25+38. I can’t begin to guess what this means.

Finally, for JT EX in Start Up it has ???7 - does this mean they think it’s 7 frames, but can’t be sure?

I appreciate the help guys.


i’ll see if i can find anything


start-up= 1+9 means 1 for the flash, 9 till it actually hits.
active= the () are non-hitting frames like when adon flips to do the next hit. there’s non-hitting frames until the next hit.
recovery= the first is recovery frames after the last hit and the 2nd figure is landing frames.
??? means they don’t know or how the frames depends like how far you are from the corners like JT.


Awesome. Thank you both very much. I appreciate the quick responses and feedback guys.